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Unleash the Power: How to Capture Mewtwo in Pokemon Violet

Unleash the Power: How to Capture Mewtwo in Pokemon Violet

Pokemon Violet, the latest installment in the popular Pokemon series, introduces players to exciting new challenges and legendary Pokemon to catch. Among these legendary creatures is the powerful psychic-type Pokemon, Mewtwo. Capturing Mewtwo is no easy task, but with the right strategy and determination, you can add this formidable Pokemon to your team. Read on to learn how to unleash the power and capture Mewtwo in Pokemon Violet.

Step 1: Prepare Your Team

Before facing Mewtwo, it is crucial to ensure that your Pokemon team is at its best. Mewtwo is a level 70 Pokemon, so having a team of high-level Pokemon is recommended. Train your team, teach them the most powerful moves, and ensure they have a good mix of types to counter Mewtwo’s attacks effectively.

Step 2: Acquire the Master Ball

In Pokemon Violet, the Master Ball is your ultimate weapon for capturing Mewtwo. The Master Ball has a 100% catch rate, guaranteeing that you’ll capture the Pokemon without fail. To obtain the Master Ball, you’ll need to progress through the main story and defeat the Elite Four. Once you become the Pokemon Champion, you’ll receive the Master Ball as a reward.

Step 3: Locate Mewtwo’s Lair

Mewtwo’s lair is located deep within the Cerulean Cave. To access the cave, you’ll need to have all eight gym badges and the Surf ability. Head to Cerulean City, surf across the water north of the city, and you’ll reach the entrance of the cave. Inside, navigate through the maze-like tunnels and be prepared for tough battles with high-level wild Pokemon along the way.

Step 4: Battle Mewtwo

Once you reach the deepest part of the cave, you’ll encounter Mewtwo. Prepare yourself for an intense battle. Mewtwo’s moveset includes powerful psychic-type attacks, so be sure to switch to Pokemon with resistance to psychic moves. Use status-inflicting moves like Thunder Wave or Hypnosis to decrease Mewtwo’s mobility and make it easier to capture.

Step 5: Capture Mewtwo

Now that you’ve weakened Mewtwo, it’s time to use the Master Ball. Select the Master Ball from your bag and throw it at Mewtwo. The Master Ball will guarantee a successful capture, so you can rest easy knowing that Mewtwo will join your team.


Capturing Mewtwo in Pokemon Violet is a challenging yet rewarding experience. With proper preparation, a well-trained team, and the powerful Master Ball, you can add this legendary Pokemon to your collection. Unleash the power of Mewtwo and dominate your battles with its incredible psychic abilities.


1. Can I capture Mewtwo before becoming the Pokemon Champion?

No, you’ll need to defeat the Elite Four and become the Pokemon Champion to obtain the Master Ball and access Mewtwo’s lair in the Cerulean Cave.

2. Are there any other methods to weaken Mewtwo apart from status-inflicting moves?

Yes, you can use moves like False Swipe to bring Mewtwo’s HP to 1 without knocking it out. This will make it easier to capture.

3. Is Mewtwo the only legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Violet?

No, there are several other legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Violet, each with its own unique abilities and challenges to capture them.

4. Can I use the Master Ball for any other Pokemon apart from Mewtwo?

Yes, you can use the Master Ball to capture any Pokemon in the game. However, it’s recommended to save it specifically for capturing Mewtwo due to its low catch rate.