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Top 5 Lethal Combo Heroes for Johnson in Mobile Legends Worth Experimenting

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Photo via DeviantArt

Mobile Legends is one of the popular mobile games in the world and if you’re looking for a deadly combo of heroes, you must try Johnson. Known for his strength, durability, and speed, Johnson is a perfect hero to play in your game. However, you need to combine him with the right team heroes to maximize his potential.

To help you out, here are five deadly Johnson Mobile Legends combo heroes that you must try:

1. Layla

Layla is a marksman who excels in long-range attacks. She is an excellent complement to Johnson, who excels in close-range battles. While Johnson tanks and takes on enemy hits, Layla can freely fire her projectiles from a safe distance.

This combo is perfect for weakening enemies without them knowing where the attacks are coming from. Moreover, if Johnson drives his car into the enemy, Layla can deal a lot of damage to the enemy team with her ultimate.

2. Selena

Selena is an assassin that can deal high bursts of magic damage. She is a highly versatile hero who can switch from ranged to melee with her abilities. With her batteries and traps, Selena can prepare the area for Johnson to run over and damage the enemy team with his ultimate.

This combo is perfect for ambushes, and when the enemy is caught, Selena can deal ultimate damage while Johnson runs over enemies to take them down.

3. Hilda

Hilda is a tanky fighter that has incredible strength and durability. While Johnson tanks most of the damage, Hilda can take advantage of her mobility and follow up with her skills to deal damage and slow down the enemy.

With her abilities, she can sustain her health and survive longer in the battle.

4. Cyclops

Cyclops is a mage who can inflict significant magical damage to enemies. With his abilities, he can stun, slow, or immobilize enemies, making them immobile to Johnson’s ultimate attack.

This combo is perfect for team fights as Cyclops can slow enemies before Johnson charges in with his car, dealing massive damage to the enemy team.

5. Alpha

Alpha is a fighter and a deadly combination when played with Johnson. He excels in close-range battles and can deal incredible physical damage to enemies.

With his ultimate that makes him almost indestructible, Alpha can clear his way to the enemy team while Johnson drives his car to create a path.

These were five deadly Johnson Mobile Legends combo heroes you must try to dominate the battlefield. However, it’s essential to remember that a teammate’s skills and playstyle must complement each other to maximize the combo’s potential.