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Is Your Stun Duration the Lengthiest in Lele Serena of Mobile Legends?

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Photo via wallpaper access

In the world of Mobile Legends, having a reliable stun is an essential component of any team composition. It can dictate the course of battles, secure kills, and even enable teams to come back from losing situations. With that said, some heroes have more potent stuns than others, and Lele Serena is one such hero whose stun ability sets her apart from other heroes.

Lele Serena’s stun ability is called “Electric Arrow,” and it remains active for a substantial amount of time compared to other stuns. When it hits an enemy, the target is stunned for 1.5 seconds, the second-highest duration of all stuns in the game.

The utility of Lele Serena’s Electric Arrow goes beyond just stunning enemies. It also deals massive damage to the target and chains to other enemies in its range. This makes her an excellent hero for team fights, where multiple enemies are gathered in one location.

Additionally, Lele Serena can also use her Stasis Trap ability to immobilize enemies for 2 seconds, which comes in handy for trapping enemies in place or facilitating more stuns. Her ultimate ability, Blink and Shock, also allows her to launch a barrage of electric arrows, each dealing high damage and stunning enemies hit by the arrows.

Playing Lele Serena requires a knack for positioning since she has relatively low health and defense. However, with her long-range abilities, she can stay at the backline while still contributing to engagements.

In summary, Lele Serena has one of the most extended stun durations in Mobile Legends, making her a valuable addition to any team composition. Her Electric Arrow ability deals high damage and can stun multiple enemies, making her a force to be reckoned with in team fights. So, if you are looking for a hero with a potent stun and high damage, Lele Serena may be the perfect fit for you.