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How to Register for PUBG Mobile's School & Campus Battle 2023

PUBG Mobile Campus Battle 2022 1
Photo via PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular battle royale games, has announced the School & Campus Battle 2023, which is sure to keep players on their toes with exciting new challenges and an opportunity to compete against students from across the country.

The event, which is set to take place from 15th April to 15th April, will require players to represent their school or college and compete against others to emerge as the ultimate champion. To participate and register for the School & Campus Battle 2023 in PUBG Mobile, players must follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Form a team of four players along with a substitute, who can be called in case of emergencies.

Step 2: Head to the PUBG Mobile website and fill out the registration form for the tournament. Players will need to provide details such as the name of their team, the players’ names, their respective In-Game Names (IGN), and their contact details.

Step 3: Once the registration form is filled out, the team leader will receive a link and a unique code that they can share with their teammates.

Step 4: Every member of the team will need to download and install PUBG Mobile on their device and log in using their respective IDs.

Step 5: The team leader will need to create a custom room in PUBG Mobile and invite their teammates to join the room. The custom room ID and password will need to be shared with the opposing team via the in-game chat.

Step 6: The tournament will be held in three stages – qualification, regional finals, and national finals. The dates for each phase of the tournament will be announced soon.

PUBG Mobile has always been known for its intense battles, and the School & Campus Battle 2023 promises to take it one step further. With the chance to represent their school or college and compete with players from different regions, this is a great opportunity for players to show their skills and come out on top.

So, gather your friends, form a team, and get ready to fight it out in PUBG Mobile’s School & Campus Battle 2023!