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From Master to Epic Ranks: 5 Mighty Heroes in Mobile Legends That Will Ensure Your Victory!

hero savage mobile legends
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Mobile Legends is a highly popular mobile game that has captured the attention and hearts of millions of players worldwide. This game features a diverse range of heroes with their unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses. One of the most crucial aspects of the game is the hero push rank, which ranges from Master to Epic. In this article, we will explore the top 5 hero push ranks from Master to Epic Mobile Legend and how they can provide you with an automatic win.

1. Estes – Master Rank

Estes is a powerful support hero that can provide incredible healing abilities to the team. He can keep allies alive for an extended period, and his ultimate skill, Moonlight Immersion, can heal all allies on the battlefield. With the right equipment build, this hero can turn the tide of any game and lead your team to victory.

2. Diggie – Grandmaster Rank

Diggie is another support hero that is highly underrated. He can provide a shield to allies and can also stun enemies with his Sasa Blast skill. In addition, his ultimate skill, Time Journey, can resurrect allies and restore their HP. Diggie is an excellent hero to have on your team and can guarantee a win if played correctly.

3. Khufra – Epic Rank

Khufra is a tank hero that can deal high amounts of damage and withstand enemy attacks. He can also control the battlefield by using his Ultimate skill, Tyrant’s Rage, which can stun enemies and slow them down. Khufra is a formidable opponent that can turn the tide of any battle, even against stronger opponents.

4. Granger – Legend Rank

Granger is a marksman hero that deals high amounts of damage and can eliminate enemies quickly. His ultimate skill, Death Sonata, can kill enemies from a distance, which makes him an excellent hero to use when pushing down enemy turrets. Granger is a vital asset to any team and can provide an automatic win when utilized properly.

5. Ling – Mythic Rank

Ling is an assassin hero that can quickly take out enemies and escape with ease. He has high mobility and can traverse the battlefield with his Cloud Walker skill. In addition, his ultimate skill, Tempest of Blades, can deal massive damage in a short period. Ling is a potent hero that can turn the tide of any game and lead your team to victory.

In conclusion, the hero push rank plays a significant role in Mobile Legends. Having the right hero on your team can provide an automatic win, regardless of the opponent’s rank or skill level. These top 5 hero push ranks from Master to Epic Mobile Legend are just some of the many options available. Experiment with different heroes and find the ones that work best for your playstyle. Good luck, and have fun playing Mobile Legends!