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Discover how to earn diamonds and win amazing rewards in Mobile Legends! Here's the method.
Mobile Legends is a popular multiplayer online battle arena game for mobile devices that offers various ways to earn diamonds and other free prizes. The in-game currency, diamonds, are used to purchase heroes, skins, and other items that enhance gameplay. With the following methods, players can accumulate diamonds and rewards without spending money.

1. Daily Login Rewards: Players can earn diamonds for logging into the game daily. The bonus increases with consecutive logins.

2. Events: There are frequent events that offer rewards for participation or completion such as completing daily tasks or winning matches.

3. Lucky Spin: Lucky Spin is a minigame that allows players to win various prizes including diamonds. Players can spin the wheel once for free every day and can purchase additional spins using tickets or diamonds.

4. Achievement Rewards: Players can obtain diamonds by completing in-game achievements, such as playing certain heroes or participating in ranked matches.

5. Refer-A-Friend: Players can earn diamonds by inviting their friends to join the game, and those friends reaching a certain level.

6. Inbox Rewards: Players can receive diamonds or other free items by checking their in-game inbox. These rewards are often sent by the Mobile Legends team and can include exclusive skins or diamonds.

7. Top-Up Events: Occasionally, Mobile Legends offers bonus rewards for players who top up diamonds during a certain period.

By using these methods, players can accumulate diamonds and other free prizes without spending money. This allows players to enjoy the game without the pressure of monetary expenses, and enhances the player experience. Happy playing!