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5 Hero Ranks to Push from Master to Epic in Mobile Legends: Heroes with Guaranteed Victory!

hero savage mobile legends
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Playing Mobile Legends is not just about picking the right hero, it’s also about mastering the art of pushing, which is essential to winning games. Pushing refers to advancing through enemy territories to destroy turrets and ultimately take down the enemy base. To help you climb the ranks and become a master pusher, here are five hero push ranks from Master to Epic that will give you an edge in the game.

1. Master Pusher – Johnson
Johnson is a tank hero that excels in pushing lanes. His ultimate makes him transform into a car and allows him to push enemies back and deal damage while he speeds through the lane. His combined mobility and tankiness make him an almost unstoppable force, making him an effective hero for pushing.

2. Grandmaster Pusher – Kagura
Kagura is a mage hero with one of the strongest abilities in the game, which allows her to teleport instantly to any location. This ability makes her an ideal choice for pushing lanes since she can quickly move from one lane to another and take out enemy minions and turrets while avoiding danger.

3. Epic Pusher – Dyrroth
Dyrroth is a fighter hero that can deal massive damage and quickly clear waves of minions due to his AOE skills. His ultimate also allows him to deal extra damage to turrets, making him an excellent option for those looking to push lanes quickly.

4. Legend Pusher – Wanwan
Wanwan is a marksman hero that is not only great at dishing out damage but also excels in pushing lanes. She has the ability to attack multiple enemies at once, and with her passive, she can deal more damage to turrets when she’s in close range. Her mobility also allows her to move quickly between lanes to take out enemy minions and turrets.

5. Mythic Pusher – X.Borg
X.Borg is a fighter hero with high damage output and has the ability to clear minion waves quickly. His ultimate can also deal massive damage to turrets and enemies, making him a formidable player when it comes to pushing. With his tankiness and powerful abilities, he can quickly take down enemy turrets and win games with ease.

In conclusion, these are the five hero push ranks from Master to Epic that you can choose to play and give you an edge in the game. Remember, pushing isn’t just about dealing damage, but also requires strategic maneuvering and map awareness. Practice and master these heroes, and you’ll be sure to see yourself climbing up the ranks and winning more games.