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War Strategy Video TH 7 VS TH 9 Hogful 3 Use Stars

TH 7 vs TH 9 seems impossible. Nothing is impossible if you watch his COC war video (which you can see below the post) that the admin has provided in this article.

Mimin believes the attacker is a true pig fan. Looking at war strategy, attackers are used to using pigs to attack.

Paying attention to the nearly two-minute video uploaded by a YouTube account named Clash of Clans 3 Stars Clan Wars, the army the attackers have brought in to fight TH 9 is pretty premature by completely hogging it. is. Archer and Wizard with Barbarian King and Heal Spell.

COC TH 7 vs. (VS) TH 9 battle capture video There is no problem in getting 3 stars with Hog troops and Archers.

Interestingly, after the attacker placed the Hog Rider in the bottom corner of the base with a two-sided placement strategy, the opponent’s defense didn’t move.

Immediately, the pig defeated the defense and was finally able to earn the full 3 stars.

Here are the details of the forces brought by the attackers:

TH7 Attackers: 34 level 2 Hog Rider, 4 level 5 Hog Rider, 5 level 4 Barbarian, 10 level 4 Archer, 10 level 5 Barbarian King, 3 level 4 Healing Spell

So if you want to have complete monopoly during the war, you can watch this video to learn how to play COC.

Looking forward to another COC war video provided by admin…