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War Strategy Video TH 7 VS TH 7 Using Baron and Hogg

Most Clash of Clans (COC) players who reach Town Hall level 7 when attacking in war will bring a full dragon.

So in this 2 minute video the attackers bring in an army of pigs, balloons, archers and wizards, which are added with the help of spells.

Watching the video below, the first step the attacker takes is to lure out the content of the Cattle Clan War, including the full Archer, and then lead it in an unreachable direction through defense. Slaughter is done by pain and wizards.

COC TH 7 VS TH 7 Video War Strategy brought an army of pigs, balloons, minions and more and managed to win and get 3 stars.

Pigs were then sent to destroy the air defenses, but only managed to destroy one.

On the left, the player quickly deploys a balloon from the bottom corner with the goal of destroying the one remaining air defense system.

This is a video taken by an admin from a YouTube account called Clash of Clans 3 Stars Clan Wars. Mimin is advertising this for free, buddy, next time there will be demand for advertising…hehehe

See you in the next video…