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War Coc Walkthrough Video TH 7 VS TH 8 Full Dragon Use

Clash of Clans players who have reached TH 7 can watch the COC War video below. In the video you can see how TH 7 and TH 8 earned his 3 stars in the war. TH 7 is no obstacle to destroying TH 8 as long as the war strategy is appropriate.

The admin got this video from a YouTube account called Clash of Clans 3 Stars Clan Wars.

An attacker with an account named polispickles22 attacked Ernest John. The attacker brings 10 full level 2 dragons, including 1 level 2 dragon support, 1 heal spell, and 2 rage spells.

Learn TH 7 VS TH 8 war strategy video with the following full dragons to win the war.

Place dragons little by little from the top corner of the enemy camp and start attacking. When the dragon enters the opponent’s air defense area, the attacker casts a spell of wrath here to heal it, increasing its strength and attack speed. As a result, he had three air defense systems destroyed before earning his three stars outright.

So for players who want to learn the following COC war videos:

Stay tuned for more war videos…