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Tips for Correct and Accurate Placement of Clan Castles

Once players enter Town Hall Level 4, they will feel lonely if they haven’t joined a clan or created their own clan.

Being in a clan makes the game more fun.

To join a clan, players can repair the clan’s castle, which was damaged at the start of the game, for an initial renovation cost of 10,000 gold.

After that, you can join an existing clan or create your own at a cost of 40,000 gold. There’s no point building a clan castle if you don’t have a partner to play with in the game Clash of Clans.

Check out our review of tips for accurate and precise placement of clan castles in the Clash of Clans game.

Playing Partners means playmates of fellow COC players who actively play games of Clash of Clans online from different countries around the world.

You can join a clan from any country in the world. For simplicity, you should join depending on your country of origin or a specific group you know.

This is the positive side of this game. You can build relationships with other players wherever they come from, and even find allies…hehe,

If you joined a clan or created your own clan, the clan castle building has many functions. Some benefits include being used as defensive buildings and as offensive buildings, temporarily placing war results (loot) in the form of gold, elixirs, and dark elixirs. increase.

Correct placement of clan castles It should be considered as a defensive building.

It works much like other defensive installations such as mortars, air defenses, and archer towers. It’s about protecting buildings that are still within reach.

The difference is that the use of a clan castle as a defensive facility needs to be pre-filled by one clan’s armies, so you must first ask for donations from other clans.

If there is clan castle content, if there are other attacking players entering the radius of the clan castle, the clan castle content will come out in the form of previously donated troops from clan friends, and the base will be destroyed. Of course, this is useful when war breaks out.

That’s how a clan’s castle works as a defensive facility. Then you can also use your clan castle army to attack other players, especially for war.

Placing clan castles to protect the most important buildings can be tricky, especially during wars when they are used to protect town halls and other buildings.

Of course, the clan castle radius must reach important buildings. This is the key to accurate and accurate placement of your clan castle.

These important buildings are the Town Hall and Defense.

An example is shown in the image below.

Placing clan castles to protect the most important buildings can be tricky, especially during wars when they are used to protect town halls and other buildings.

The Clan Castle building in the 8th Base War above is a proper arrangement that still reaches the Town Hall, Warehouses, Defenses and other buildings.

Placing your clan castle correctly will make it harder for your opponents to get 3 stars in clan battles.

As a hint, if you win a war, you should directly use resources in the form of gold, elixir, and dark elixir to avoid taking them away when other players attack your village.

The higher the level of your clan castle building, the more troops you can claim from your clan friends and the more loot you will save.