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Lava Hound upgrade cost, build time and strength

Lava Hound coc is one of the military characters in the game Clash of Clans and is very powerful due to having a large amount of blood or hit points worth 5,700 at level 1.

However, minimal destructiveness/damage is one of Lava Hound’s weaknesses.

If you look at this unit, it has wings and a large body that shoots fire from its body. I don’t know if they look like minions or bees, but brothers..

Lava Hound coc is a character added on March 16th, 2014, can only be crafted in Dark Barracks that have reached level 6, has a crafting cost of 390 Dark Elixir, takes 45 minutes to train, and has 30 vacancies in the Army Camp. space is required.

Many COC players say that this unit is likened to flying golems. Some people say that my father is a subordinate, but fufufu… I see. Lava hounds are similar to golems.

When a Lava Hound dies, its body spreads in the form of fire in all directions, damaging buildings it hits.

This similarity was the same with golems. Having a sufficiently high blood count is one of the benefits and strengths Lava Hounds offer.

Coc Lava Hound Assault Strategy

The main goal is air defense and other air defense. So when my friend mule uses his hound, make sure her main target is the nearest air defense system.

While he attacks air defenses, he uses other flying units such as dragons, minions, and balloons to back him up from behind. I thought it wouldn’t matter.

See.. lava hood is really romantic…

Watch out for Inferno when attacking TH10. This is because Inferno quickly absorbs high life units like Golems and Lava Hounds.

For this reason, when entering TH 9, prioritize defense over other buildings. TH9 and TH10 will have more attacks using Dark Barracks.

ok friends basecoc1..,

To use this troop, it’s best to combine it with another troop and bring along a useful spell, such as a Freeze Spell that can freeze Inferno for a while, or use other spells. Also be careful when calculating army camp capacity.

For details on Lava Hound upgrade costs, build times, and damage effects per level, see the image below basecoc1.

Our first review on Lava Houd is enough. On another occasion, an administrator will provide a review of other units.