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All COC players are good at math As you know... here's the proof!

What do you think of the title of the article above? Oh, you’re right.

Most people don’t see any benefit in playing strategy games. Anyway, it’s true. There are negative effects aimed at those who over-game.

However, according to the manager…the game is just entertainment, you can make a little chaos or make money, but it’s not gambling…so what is the purpose of playing the game? , depends on who plays it.

If you go insane, your daily life will be dominated by games… that’s also dangerous.

Perhaps most of us, especially those reading this post, are familiar with Clash of Clans, right?

According to the admin, the game also has a positive side if you don’t play it much. Some even train their attitudes as leaders. Then COC players should be good at math too… hmm..

If you have a clan, of course you are the leader of that clan and you serve like a leader.

Yes, subordinates of co-leaders (assistants), elders, clan members, etc.

If you have a good leadership style, such as decision-making, direction, etc. If so, many people will be happy… clan members will definitely feel at home and you will be respected there.

Yes…you can find relationships there.

If you play games, don’t just play games, so should your mind.

Apart from that, COC players are also good at math.

Hmm… for example I want a player to attack other players like this (COC language is to steal other players). Of course, you’ll need to create a unit, but… creating a unit always costs an elixir, right?

If you still remember learning math, the “profit and loss formula”.

Surely, in order not to be defeated by the robbery, the attacking troops must use the elixir in this way, in order to steal it, they must think this way.

OK, let’s do the math…

For example, the troops brought are 3 Barbarians, 4 Archers, 4 Giants, 2 Healers (combination of troops for raids) with 180 Army Camp slots.

Barbarian Level 3 = 60 elixirs per seed x 20 = 1,200 elixirs = 20 slots
Acher level 4 = 200 elixirs per seed x 71 = 14,200 elixirs = 71 slots
Giant Level 4 = 1,750 Elixirs x 15 = 26,250 Elixirs = 15 x 5 House Spaces = 75 Slots
Healer level 2 = 6,000 elixir x 1 = 6,000 elixir = 14 slots
Total Elixir Capital = 47,650 Elixir

It’s time to calculate profit and loss. For example, if a robbery results in only 50,000 elixirs, that’s really a loss. Getting 100,000 elixirs is still a loss because you don’t need enough troops. Then, if you want to make a profit, you’ll need to get 200,000,000 elixirs.

Then there’s another real incident shared by a member of the Administrator clan.He was using a full dragon level 1 to carry out the a total of 287,000 thousand elixirs.. Really proud of him and said it was just cool. fill in.

Attacking another player with a full dragon in multiplayer gives you 287,000 elixirs… Are you really happy?

Dragon level 1 = 25,000 elixirs, army camp slot has 185 slots.
Naga Space House has 20 Army Camp slots.
Dragon Level 1 = 9 Dragon x 25,000 Elixir = 225,000
The rest bring Acher level 4. 5 Seeds = 5 x 200 Elixir = 1,000
Total Elixir used as capital = 226,000

Loss or profit?

Calculated = 287,000 elixir acquired – 225,000 capital = 61,000

The result of 61,000 is profit or loss. If you spend too much of it in commerce, bro… because the capital comes back, the dragon won’t get it… let alone the capital for looking for gold, then?

Have you ever played a COC like this? While exercising your brain…the game is so much more than just playing…

Apart from that, playing COC indirectly also learns KPK and FPB.

You see, building upgrades take time.

Let’s also learn about timeliness…for example, a shield activates at 6 hours and 34 minutes. At that time, for example, the clock shows the figure of 9.00 WIB. So you will definitely be online at 15:34 or a few minutes before you run out of shields to upgrade buildings etc.

Well, if you were in the real world, if you had an appointment with someone, would it be timely?

Don’t just play games…

Ok… all admin scribbles that make writing less useful. I hope there is a positive side too…