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8 World's Strongest TH 6 Base Type Farming Trophies and Hybrids

In order to make the Sixth Stand the strongest in the world, we must raise our defense to the limit. If not, the base will be destroyed very easily.

Also, the walls should be arranged like a maze to prevent attacks from giants and wizards.

These two units are often used as attackers to attack other players. Therefore, the defense preparation must also be adequate.

All right, admins don’t talk much… Below is an example image design for base th 6. The best in the world, the strongest in history, choose either… Don’t be greedy.

Looking for the strongest and best bass th 6? Only here.. done! The best collection of basecock th6 images from a defensive and up-to-date perspective.
Imaging Station COC TH 6 Type Farming

The above two bes are good for keeping resources. If you want to upgrade something, you can use the above base so you don’t lose too much gold and elixir.

Imaging Station COC TH 6 Type Farming 3

Imaging Base COC TH 6 Type Hybrid

So base 5 and below are best for trophy defense. Especially when equipped with a clan castle with troops from the Dark Barracks.

Imaging Base COC TH 6 Type Hybrid

Imaging Base COC TH 6 Type Hybrid

So, from the 8 base coc th 6 designs above, I hope that what the admins offer is to your heart’s content. See you in the next admin post where we are still discussing the base TH 6.