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5 Ways to Get Free COC Gems for Free (50,000+ Gems)

Wondering how to get free gems in Clash of Clans?

Every player playing a Clash of Clans game must have an answer for sure. How to get free gems in Clash of Clans?

See the article review below for that.

What are the functions of these gems?

I’m excited to be able to play COC without knowing how gems work. Ok, let me explain a bit.

Gems have many functions.

In it, players can purchase Builder Huts. That is, workers who can construct new buildings, or workers who allow the player to upgrade certain buildings. Builder Huts are very important to support the development of your base so that it can be developed quickly.

At the beginning of the game, you are given 2 Builders’ Yard capital, but if you only have 2 Builders’ Yard capital, it will take a very long time. Now, to add a new hut builder, you need gems.

The game Clash of Clans has something of a gem. What do these gems do? I'm excited to be able to play COC without knowing what the gems do. Ok, let me explain a bit.

In addition, gems can be used to produce gold and elixirs by speeding up the development process, speeding up army creation, crafting spells, speeding up miners, and players can use gems to obtain a certain amount of gold and elixir. can be exchanged for

How to get free COC Gems

1. Cleaning in-game items

The first step you need to do if you want to get the COC gem is to clean up everything you have in your COC base.

Trees, trees, branches, rocks, mushrooms, garbage, etc. If you’re lucky, you can get a jewelry box with dozens of gems in it.

Wondering how to get Clash of Clans gems for free? Every player who plays Clash of Clans games must have an answer for sure, especially for free. This is how!

2. Complete achievement missions

Complete achievement missions. There are many missions that players have to complete if they want to get free gems.

Examples: destroying mortars, destroying builder’s huts, destroying xbows, etc. If successful, there is a reward in the form of a certain amount of free gems.

3. Increase the player unit

If a COC player wins a certain number of trophies, Supercell will give them special rewards.

For example, 1,250 troops get 450 gems, 2,000 troops get 250 gems, 2,600 troops get 1,000 gems, 3,200 troops get 2,000 gems for free.

4. Join the Big 3 Clans in the Clash of Clans game

Supercell will give the top 3 clans the best clans in the world. Clan rank 1 will be rewarded with 50,000 gems, rank 2 with 30,000 gems, and rank 3 with 15,000 gems.

All of these are provided for free by Supercell. If my friend is interested, this method is the most powerful.

However, before joining the Big 3 Clan, you will be given some criteria by the clan owner. Clan owners can be found in TOP TEN CLANS. You’re definitely not the admin of this site…

5. Install an Android application called WHAFF.

The admin emphasizes that this is not a free gem generation application. Most COC players believe that by installing this application you can easily get her free COC gems.

Because my friend is like that…

The system works like this: Install the application and get rewarded in dollars. Then the application has some applications.

You can earn money by installing applications.

Of course this application needs to run. However, this method is rather lengthy.

The question is how long will it take to generate a profit of $15 if the reward is given at $0 for 0 points?

It will definitely take a long time if you don’t advertise it vigorously or run the application in question often.. In addition, the application requires an internet quota to run, and you buy the internet quota.Of course, In the end you pay too, from credit. Hade…

But give it a try. If it’s relevant, it doesn’t hurt to try the application in question.

So how do you get free COC gems for free?

So far the method in question doesn’t seem to exist.

Rumor has it that there is a special tool for Clash of Clans cheat gems circulating on the internet.

But that’s just a hoax… the site owner makes money by having visitors click on certain ads.

If there is, this method appears to be unsafe as it is illegal and violates the terms provided by Supercell. In the future, if a player uses cheats to get his COC gems, their account may be banned. Well, it’s troublesome… I got banned after playing for months.

So, as a conclusion about the article How to get free cock gems You don’t have to struggle to get it.

You can get over 50,000 coc gems by collecting them in some of the ways above.

You can get a lot of gems instantly, not instantaneous ones. Searching for other related articles with a search engine yields the same results. There is no immediate fighting potential because it is such a hare… much less free.