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4 Criteria for the Strongest and Best TH 9 Base Formation Anti-Mullen

For Town Hall (TH) level 9 players, they are arguably the strongest TH9 base formation.

This is required. The enemies you face in TH 9 are so strong that most attackers often use dark barracks troops to attack.

Defenses such as Air Defenses, Mortars, Wizards, Archer Towers, Crossbows, Hidden Teslas, Air Sweepers, and Cannons are the most important defenses to protect Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir from attackers who seek to destroy these three resources. Facility.

Clash of Clans players who already have Town Hall (TH) level 9 will definitely be the strongest TH 9 base formation, right?

How would you deploy the strongest TH 9 base formation?

Some of the criteria below may later serve as input for players to create the strongest bases for the purpose of protecting trophies and resources.

1. Defense

Your Gold and Elixir hoard should be at the proper level for the strongest defenses, but you’ll need to be level 11 or 12 to upgrade multiple defenses.

Ignore buildings such as Elixirs and Gold Collectors.

According to the manager, it’s useless if the defense is not solid, and it’s difficult to maintain the gold and elixirs stored in the mine, so enemies can invade it without fail, so it’s often stolen.

High priority defenses are xbows, air defenses, mortars, wizard towers, archer towers, hidden teslas, artillery, air sweepers, and other defenses such as giant bombs.

Upgrading the xbow costs a lot of money, but it’s very important to upgrade. You can evade an opponent’s attack using a hog with a crossbow. Likewise air defense to evade attacks from the air, which are often carried out by the enemy.

To place some defenses such as bows, air defenses, and mortars, you need to stay close to the center of your base.

2. wall

Wall upgrades are used to prevent enemy troops from attacking by land. Walls are temporarily blocked and cannot be easily penetrated.

Defenders, on the other hand, attack troops blocked by walls.

The higher the wall level, the more you can delay the entry of ground troops. This is a defensive opportunity to defeat the enemy. Walls are relatively expensive. Get at least level 7 or 8 walls.

3. Upgrade tips

Upgrading defenses takes several weeks. For this reason, it is better not to upgrade defenses at the same time.

At least two defenses are upgraded at the same time. This is done so that opponents cannot easily enter as the defense will not work once upgraded.

Four. Determine base type

Determining the base type is very important. Depending on your needs, you will have to choose between several basic types, such as farming, warfare, and hybrids.

For example, administrators themselves often use this type of base farming in their daily bases to avoid theft of large amounts of gold and elixirs.

If you want to keep Elixir, Gold and Dark Elixir, place this building in the center, protected by air defense, and the mortar in the center of the base.

That’s another story, but of course players don’t use the type of base farming as a base if they want to have a base war.

There are many examples of base coc according to their respective THs which can be found at You can see it and make it the base of your choice.