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Infinite Flight review, the best airplane simulator on Android and iOS

Hello, Konyoha takes this opportunity to review one of the most popular flight simulator games on Android and iOS. infinite flight.

Airplane simulators are a very interesting game genre, especially for aviation enthusiasts. In this game you will feel how to become a pilot and follow flight instructions to fly a plane.

As we know, there are many Android and iOS airplane simulator games out there today that are just as exciting as the PC versions of flight simulators. According to admins, one of the best is Infinite Flight. What are the advantages of this one airplane simulator? Here is the full review.

Infinite flight overview

Infinite Flight is a flight simulator for Android and iOS developed by Infinite Flight LLC and released on the Google Play Store on January 7, 2013. The game has three game modes: solo mode, online he multiplayer, and air traffic controller (ATC) him.

As the name suggests, Infinite Flight invites you to fly unlimitedly around the world through global landscapes as well as experience flying an airplane with highly realistic visual effects.

From its inception to the present, Infinite Flight continues to develop, both graphically and adding new features.

World scenery and airports

Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

Infinite Flight allows players to fly anywhere in the world at over 25,000 airports, including all of Indonesia. The landscapes are created using 15 meters per pixel high-resolution satellite imagery, which makes them look very realistic.

In addition to the HD resolution scenery, Infinite Flight designed the airport with proper runway and taxiway layouts, making it very similar to the original. Unfortunately, there are no airports made of 3D buildings.

Online Multiplayer and Human ATC

online multiplayer

One of the highlights of Infinite Flight is that, apart from flying in solo mode, you can play online multiplayer and meet thousands of other pilots around the world.

There are currently 3 servers to choose from. casual, training When expertEach server has varying levels of experience. If you are a beginner, you should learn how to casually fly on his server and collect Exp to open the next server.

Apart from that, what makes Infinite Flight unique is its modes. Human ATC It allows players to control air traffic in multiplayer mode. This is a feature not found in other airplane simulators.


Cessna 172 cockpit

Infinite Flight offers dozens of aircraft types ranging from commercial, military and general aviation. Interestingly, all planes are designed very similar to the original. From aircraft textures, cockpits and wing deflections to highly realistic engine sounds.

Apart from that, they also offer a very complete aircraft paint job. Nearly all liveries are available from airlines around the world, including several Indonesian airlines such as Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Batik Air and Sriwijaya Air.

Since its launch, Infinite Flight has undergone numerous updates. Rework Added aircraft, new aircraft and new paints.

Camera view and replay

wing view

One feature that administrators really love about Infinite Flight is camera view various. Here you can select camera views from different perspectives, both internal and external.

Apart from that, equally important is the functionality replay Very sophisticated. You can replay the flight from start to finish so you can see all the important moments that happened during the game. This is a feature not found in other airplane simulators.

Disadvantages of Infinite Flight

After trying to play Infinite Flight some time ago, the admin is very happy with the features offered. However, I personally feel that the management still has flaws that need to be added.

  • no cloudsthe presence of clouds is very important for visualizing the weather to make the flying experience feel more realistic.
  • 3D no buildingsnever had a 3D building like a city or an airport building before.
  • no tire smokeInfinite Flight adds smoke when the plane’s tires hit the runway on landing, making it more realistic.

This is a quick review of the flight simulator game Infinite Flight, available for Android and iOS devices.

Oh yeah, just for information, you need to subscribe to the Pro version to enjoy the global scenery, online multiplayer, and all the planes in it. At the time of writing, the subscription fee is around Rp. 129,000 per month.