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4 Best Android & iOS Airplane Simulator Games of 2023

In this article, we bring you our picks for the best and most popular airplane simulator games for Android and iOS. If you want to feel like a pilot, please try it.

There are dozens of airplane simulation games available on the Play Store and App Store today, and of course each has its pros and cons.

So here we are going to discuss the 4 best airplane simulator games you can consider, starting with the graphics, scenery, sound effects, aircraft types, and other important features.

List of 4 best airplane simulator games for Android and iOS

1. X-Plane Flight Simulator

best airplane simulator game x-plane

After achieving success with PC devices, now X plane It comes with a mobile version that can be downloaded for free from Play Store and App Store.

game developed by Laminar flow studies It has many features and deserves to be called the best airplane simulator.

As for the graphics, without a doubt, the lighting effects and atmosphere look very realistic. Apart from that, X-Plane already offers a global scenery. This means you can fly around the world at over 37,000 airports.

Secondly, when it comes to aircraft, X-Plane already supports an interactive 3D cockpit with hundreds of buttons that work like a real plane. Several aircraft are equipped with interactive cockpits, including the Cessna 172SP, Cirrus Vision SF50, and Boeing 737-800.


  • Global scenery available
  • interactive cockpit
  • 3D airports, terminals, hangars, etc.

Not enough:

  • Global multiplayer not available
  • few coloring
  • No ATC

2. Infinite flight

infinite flight

Then there are games that are just as exciting as X-Plane GloMo. infinite flightAs the name suggests, Infinite Flight is an airplane simulator that lets you fly unlimited flights around the world at over 25,000 airports.

he cried again. The game can be played online his multiplayer, so you can fly with your friends and thousands of pilots from all over the world.

In addition to that, there are also features that are very important and necessary for an airplane simulator. ATC (air traffic control).

In terms of graphics, Infinite Flight lacks a realistic atmosphere, sun, moon, stars and clouds. As for the landscape, it’s high definition in some areas, but others (like Indonesia) feel very bland in my opinion.

Next, when it comes to aircraft, Infinite Flight offers the most complete type of aircraft with amazingly detailed aircraft textures. In addition, many liveries are also available, including all Indonesian airlines such as Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Batik Air and Citilink.


  • online multiplayer
  • scenery of the world
  • Complete types of aircraft and coloring
  • ATC

Not enough:

  • non-interactive cockpit
  • No 3D buildings or airports
  • no clouds

3. RFS – Real Flight Simulator

rfs - real flight simulator

RFS Or Real Flight Simulator, a relatively new aircraft simulator game. RFS is still new, but it has as many sophisticated features as other simulators.

Global scenery available with high resolution satellite imagery, 35 HD airports with 3D buildings, 500 SD airports with 3D buildings, and 14,000 LD airports. Unfortunately, none of Indonesia’s airports are created in 3D.

In addition, RFS also offers many types of aircraft with very complete livery, including Indonesian airlines such as Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air, Citylink and Lion Air.


  • High resolution satellite imagery of the world
  • online multiplayer
  • Complete types of aircraft and coloring
  • ATC

Not enough:

  • cockpit is not interactive
  • The weather and lighting are unrealistic and it looks a bit dark.
  • The texture of the plane looks unrealistic and the movement of the plane looks a bit stiff.

4. Aerofly FS 2023

aero fly fs 2020

The Aerofly series is truly limitless, and the success of Aerofly 1 and Aerofly 2 is here Aerofly FS 2023 recently released IPACSThis version includes many changes and new features.

When it comes to graphics, I have to admit there is no match. Aerofly FS 2023 comes with high resolution landscapes in the form of mountains, lakes, oceans and deserts that look very realistic . In addition to that, what I really like are the clouds that resemble the original.

But unfortunately there is no global scenery available. In some parts of the United States namely California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado he can only fly within a range of 300,000 square miles. Such an area has over 200 3D airports and other 3D buildings such as buildings, bridges, etc.

As for the aircraft, Aerofly offers quite a few liveries for different types of aircraft, but unfortunately there are no liveries from the Indonesian airline.

Interesting is the aircraft’s interactive cockpit with functioning buttons and very realistic aircraft textures and movements.


  • High resolution scenes and 3D buildings
  • the clouds look so real
  • interactive cockpit
  • Various aircraft

Not enough:

  • Global scenery not available
  • Online multiplayer not available
  • No ATC

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So, this is a collection of the best airplane simulator games for Android and iOS, highly recommended for those who want to try out what it’s like to be a pilot.

At least you can do takeoff, landing, autopilot, and a little insight into aviation science. It might help….