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11 11 Best Android Truck Simulator Car Games

Becoming a truck driver is not as easy as we imagine. Truck drivers are not only responsible for getting goods to their destination, but they also face challenges and obstacles along the way.

In this post, Konyoha shows you what it’s like to be a truck driver through a collection of the best truck simulator car games you can play on your Android phone.

Not inferior to the famous PC version of ETS 2, the Android version of the car truck simulator game recommended this time by the admins has exciting gameplay and graphics that will not disappoint. Want to know how exciting it is? Download the best collection of truck simulator games for Android below.

1. Truck Simulator 2023: Europe

truck simulator 2018

Although released in 2023, to date Truck Simulator 2023: Europe is the most popular game with over 50 million downloads. As the title suggests, the game lets you explore the beauty of European cities through realistic graphics.

Not only that, but there are 13 sleek European trucks similar to the originals, with detailed interiors. In addition, there is also time customization and different weather conditions that add a realistic impression when driving. So what are you waiting for, hurry up and download the game here.

2. Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator)

Evolution of the Euro Truck

Still set in Europe, the game lets you explore the beauty of 20 cities in different European countries. With over 50 million downloads, the game offers highly realistic graphics in different weather and day/night cycles.

That’s not enough. In this game you will experience driving 12 famous European truck brands with detailed interiors. Plus, you can play offline and online multiplayer with server and convoy modes. Get the game here.

3. euro truck driver 2023

Euro Truck Driver 2018

Similar to the previous game, this game will give you a truck driver experience set in Europe and full of realistic graphics. There’s a career mode and an online multiplayer mode, which of course adds to the excitement of playing the game.

Detailed truck interiors, manual transmissions, visual and mechanical damage to vehicles during collisions add to the realism. wanna try it? Just download the game here.

4. Truck Simulator: Europe 2

European Truck Simulator 2

Another one of the best European themed car truck simulator games you have to play. Along the way, be pampered with views of famous European locations such as Berlin, Venice, Madrid, Milan, and Prague.

There are many jobs to raise money and a collection of different European trucks with 12 different trailers. Not only that, but the realism has also increased, such as the detailed interior and realistic engine sounds. Ready to rule the streets of Europe? Just download the game here.

5. Truck Simulator USA

Truck Simulator USA

Always bored in Europe? It’s time to look to Uncle Sam’s country – the United States of America. Game Truck Simulator USA lets you explore all of America in different locations and different climates: deserts, snow, mountains, cities.

Here you can feel the feeling of driving a typical American truck that you can customize.Apart from the career mode, there is also an online multiplayer mode, which of course has its own excitement. Get the game here.

6. World truck driving simulator

World Truck Driving Simulator

WTDS games are next, with a variety of interesting features such as customizable tracks, movable steering positions, autopilot modes, and many other interesting features. There are various trucks of different models, including Brazilian, European and American, equipped with detailed interiors.

Not only that, but your driving skills will be trained through a variety of terrains, including highways and dangerous muddy dirt roads. There is also a day-night cycle and climate change that adds to the realism. Download the game here and rule the city in no time.

7. Grand Truck Simulator 2

Grand Truck Simulator 2

Next up is Grand Truck Simulator 2. This is worth considering. The reason is that apart from the realistic graphics, the game allows you to modify certain parts of the truck such as the engine, gearbox, rims and tires.

Uniquely, you can add interior, windshield and chassis mod skins. Apart from that, the game will also test your driving and management skills to deal with damage, wear and tear to machinery. Get the game here.

8. IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator

Indonesian truck simulator

IDBS Indonesia Truck Simulator is one of the country kids creations you must try. The reason is that the game offers original Indonesian trucks that you can design however you like. Moreover, along the way, you will see the true Indonesian scenery. Want to know how exciting it is? Hurry up and download the game here.

9. Mobile Truck Simulator

mobile truck simulator

Another game made by the country’s children is just as exciting as the previous one. In other words, Mobile Truck Simulator. The game gives you the feeling of driving through streets with typical Indonesian landscapes and buildings.

That’s not all. There is a wide variety of customizable latest generation trucks with a choice of liveries. The realistic atmosphere is further felt by the presence of a weather system in the form of thunderstorms and day/night cycles.Get the game here.

10. Heavy Truck Simulator

heavy truck simulator

Heavy Truck Simulator lets you drive old and modern trucks through Brazilian cities. There are different types of trailers with different payloads and jobs ready to run and make money. Get the game here.

11. Garbage Truck Simulator

garbage truck simulator

Unlike other truck simulator games, in this game you act as a truck driver carrying a lot of garbage. The waste is collected and taken to a waste treatment plant for recycling. The more garbage you collect, the more money you have to buy new trucks. Get the game here.

This is a collection of the best truck simulator car games available for free download on Android. If you have any other cool truck simulator recommendations, don’t forget to write them in the comments below.