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Who is mobile legend Alice's perfect partner (ML) – We’re discussing Mobile Legends hero roles, but who do you think would be the perfect partner for Alice to get a skin couple?

As you know, Moonton presents heroes with their respective partners that are of interest to players, especially when it comes to obtaining Valentine skins.

Existing couples include Miya and Alucard, Fanny and Claude, Cecilion and Carmilla, Kufra and Esmeralda, and more.

We’re talking about the hero-mage hybrid tank Alice, but who would be the right hero to pair with this hero?

Perfect for mobile legend Alice (ML)

Who is mobile legend Alice's perfect partner (ML)

To find the right partner for Alice in Mobile Legends, you first need to know your lore hero.

In Alice’s role or story, this one hero is known as the Blood Demon Queen or Blood Demon Queen. Alice is known to be very strong and is the ruler of the Abyss.

But in her role of Alice, she angered another Mobile Legends hero: Tams. The hero Tams himself has the nickname King of Fire Demons, who is as powerful as Alice.

The two heroes don’t get along very well because Tams himself has feelings for Alice, saying that Alice doesn’t have pure blood and is therefore unfit to be Queen of the Demon King.

Still, these two heroes look like great fit partners to get the new Valentine skins in Mobile Legends.

So what do you think? Would Samus be a good hero partner for Alice? Will there be other heroes like Diros and Leomold of Abyss fame?