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Price 899 Diamond Mobile Legend (ML), how much is Rupiah? – How much is 899 Diamond ML in Mobile Legends? This is a common question when buying Epic skins.

For 899 diamonds, you can purchase the epic skins in the shop menu.

Mobile Legends itself has a variety of content to present to players. He is one of content and his main source of income is selling skins.

For those who want to buy Mobile Legends Epic skins at the price of 899 diamonds, here are the prices when converted to Rupiah:

How much is 899 Diamond Mobile Legends (ML)?

Price 899 Diamond Mobile Legend (ML), how much is Rupiah?

Yes, please check pricing details from the game’s top-up menu or use our trusted 3rd party site platform. The diamond price itself depends on the taxes charged.

However, in general, 899 diamonds in Mobile Legends are priced around IDR 250,000. Where to buy 2 diamond purchase packages.

See an example on the Codashop website. The top-up menu has a choice of 774 Diamonds + 101 Diamonds Bonus. So a total of 875 diamonds at a price of 242,535.

Because you’re missing about 24 diamonds. You can choose from 3 bonuses of 25 diamonds + Rp to add another top up. 8,436. So total diamonds is 903 diamonds.

We can conclude that if you get 899 diamonds in Mobile Legends with the above total of 2 purchases, it will be IDR 250,000. Doesn’t it cost a lot to get Epic skins in Mobile Legends?

So, the above is information about the price of 899 diamonds in Rupiah in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this helps and keep visiting!