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Leaked Skin Lesley Annual Starlight 2022 Mobile Legends (ML), price and release date here! – Here’s a leak of the latest Annual Starlight skin given to hero Lesley in 2022 in Mobile Legends.

Annual Starlight is Moonton’s annual release skin, in contrast to Starlight skins which are released monthly, Annual Starlight is only released at the end of the year.

Before 2022. Moonton has released an annual skin for the hero Kagura. This year, hero Lesley gets the annual Starlight.

Leaked Skin Lesley Annual Starlight 2022 Mobile Legends (ML)

Leaked Skin Lesley Annual Starlight 2022 Mobile Legends (ML), price and release date here!

Lesley is a hero who is very eager to get the latest skin of the year.

Previously Leslie was an underrated shooter and was played infrequently, but the presence of Leslie’s previous refinement has allowed this one hero to play again in the meta.

Playing with Leslie is even more fun with the presence of the annual Starlight Hero Leslie Skin.

Skin Lesley Annual Starlight Mobile Legends price and release date

The Annual Starlight skin is pretty exclusive and comes out every year.The release of this skin will take place at an event taking place on that day November 21, 2022.

The price itself starts at 3,000 diamonds, which translates to around IDR 500,000. It is different from the normal Starlight member skin.

There are two ways to get the annual Starlight skin other than the gacha event at the time of release. This skin can also be obtained by exchanging Starlight’s Gems in the Starlight Shop.

Starlight Gems are an item that you can get every month when you become a Starlight member, and you can only get one Starlight Gem each month.

On the other hand, if you want to trade for the regular Starlight Skin, you’ll need around 8 Starlight Gems.

above is information Regarding pricing and release dates, as well as mobile legends’ annual starlight hero Leslie skin leak. Let’s meet again!