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Leaked Elemental Skills and Burst Scaramouche Genshin Impact – Many of the latest Genshin Impact leaks are circulating right now, one of which is Scaramouche’s elemental skill and elemental burst ability that started leaking.

Scaramouche is a character from Fatui and a 6th Harbinger like Child.

Scaramouche, also known as the Wanderer, is a new boss that will be available in the upcoming 3.2 update, but interestingly, the Scaramouche character will be playable.

The Scaramouche character, which appeared in the version 1.1 update, has gained popularity among players and is a character that many players are looking forward to.

Leaked Elemental Skills and Burst Scaramouche Genshin Impact

Leaked Elemental Skills and Burst Scaramouche Genshin Impact

Information regarding Scaramouche’s elemental skills and character burst abilities has leaked through a recent post on the subreddit account Genshin Impact Leaks.

Where in the leak it is confirmed that it will change from Electro Element to Anemo, making Scaramouche a playable character.

Elemental Skill Scaramouche

Scaramouche’s elemental skill allows him to jump into the air and infuse enemies with elements. This ability is very similar to Kazuha’s elemental skill.

Using this skill floats Scaramouche, consuming stamina to adjust its position.

Hopefully, this elemental skill will give Anemo a good crowd control effect like Kazuha’s, leading to increased demand from players.

Elemental Burst Scaramouche

And Scaramouche’s Elemental Burst is said to be a stronger attack than Heizo’s. This skill causes Scaramouche to jump into the air, creating a stormy eye similar to Venti’s Grand Ord.

Her ability attracts all enemies and can perform IVs of various elements such as Venti.

Weapon Scaramouche

Speaking of weapons, Scaramouche seems to use catalytic weapons like Heizo, and this character also uses hand-to-hand combat like Heizo.

Much like Heizou, Scaramouche utilizes anime-inspired attacks and gameplay as a close-range fighter.

Scaramouche’s role in the team

Looking at Elemental Skills and Elemental Burst Scaramouche’s abilities, we can say that this character is very well suited as a DPS, sub-DPS, and even a utility relay.

His ability to provide crowd control is extremely useful in Spiral Abyss. Additionally, Scaramouche is expected to do a lot of damage as well.

This is because Heizo, who has the same gameplay, is very suitable to use as a DPS.