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Latest Void Mobile Legends Terms of Use – These are the latest Mobile Legends invalid terms that you should be aware of as an ML player. This avoids having to lose points when a team AFKs him.

Invalid is the result of an invalid match in Mobile Legends, so neither the losing or winning team receives points or stars.

Invalidation usually happens when you have one player AFKing your team or an enemy, but if you have this invalidation, you don’t lose points.

However, there are rules you need to know in order for invalidation to occur correctly. If the conditions for this deactivation are not met, deactivation will not occur, so you are actually sending the free points yourself and giving the other person free points. .

Therefore, the invalid terms and conditions that must be met in the latest mobile legends games are: Check out the full review.

Latest Void Mobile Legends Terms of Use

Latest Void Mobile Legends Terms of Use

The Mobile Legends game has two void Terms of Service that apply. The first is during the draft pick process and the second if he is AFKed by one team. See below for the full review.

Use heroes of the same role

The first rule for voiding is that all players on a team or opponent use the same role hero during the draft pick process. For example, all heroes used are marksmen.

  • This void process applies to the draft pick process.
  • Five players on a team or opponent use the same roll. For example, all marksmen, all fighters, all mages.
  • At the end of the draft pick process, you will be prompted to continue or cancel the game.
  • Each player can choose to continue the game or cancel.

This disabled process will not work if one of the players on the team is using a different hero. For example, 4 marksman heroes and he’s 1 fighter he’s a hero. The invalid rule only applies if her 5 heroes used are heroes with the same role.

There is one player AFK.

A void Mobile Legends Terms of Use becomes effective when an opposing player or your own team AFKs. See Void Terms of Service below for more information.

  1. One of the players, either on the team or the opponent, performs an AFK action.
  2. AFK actions should be taken during the draft pick process. It doesn’t count if done during a match.
  3. If the AFK player does not reconnect within 3 minutes, a “Surrender” or “Surrender” button will appear in the settings.
  4. If all four vote “Surrender”, a void occurs and the game is considered void.
  5. Invalid games will appear in the results and no individual points or stars will be awarded or deducted.
  6. end.

Subject to the above terms and conditions, you may stop and start a match without losing points or stars.

However, if the AFK player gives up when voting and reconnects to the game and fails to stop the attacking process, no invalidation occurs.

Avoid returning AFK players as much as possible and allow invalid processes to succeed.

Above is information about invalid terms of service you should know about the latest Mobile Legends. If its helpful then im happy. Let’s meet again!