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How to save battery when playing Free Fire – Playing online games like Free Fire consumes a lot of battery, is there any way to save battery when playing Free Fire?

Free Fire is a battle royale game developed by Garena, which is very popular due to its friendly design.

Free Fire does not require a smartphone with high specs like PUBG Mobile, so it is a game that is often played on middle or lower devices.

Unfortunately, playing Free Fire games can lead to problems like draining the battery quickly after just a few games.

Here are some steps and tips to save battery when playing Free Fire games.

How to save battery when playing Free Fire

How to save battery when playing Free Fire

By following the steps outlined below, you can make your phone last longer when playing Free Fire games.

Using WiFi networks

A WiFi network makes your phone more stable and avoids heat issues.

Smartphones are hot and the battery is rapidly reduced, so if the temperature is stable, the battery will last longer.

Use airplane mode

Then use Airplane or Airplane Mode. Make sure your network is already using WiFi. It is okay to enable this mode.

The goal is for your battery to last longer because your smartphone doesn’t have to hunt for provider signals that drain the battery faster.

Do not install many applications or games

The next tip is to not install too many applications or games. If you install too much, it will also take up space. The application runs in the background.

Indeed, with so many applications running in the background, Facebook applications that are constantly updated even when not in use, such as WhatsApp, which activates when you receive a message, drains your smartphone’s battery. increase.

Play Free Fire in AC Room

Room temperature also has a large effect on the battery, although this is rare.

If the room is hot, the battery will heat up quickly.

Use proper graphics settings

One last thing is not to maximize the graphics of the Free Fire game. If you overdo it, your phone’s performance will be heavy and it will eat up your battery.

Use what you find comfortable. Your smartphone is strong enough to do that, so your battery will last longer.

Above is information on how to save battery when playing Free Fire. Hopefully it will be useful and fun to play!