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How to Restore Mute Mobile Legends (ML) – Muted players need to know how to restore a muted mobile legend. This penalty is usually given to toxic players.

No wonder Mobile Legends is a very popular and widely played game in Indonesia.

Created by Moonton, the game keeps players occupied and willing to spend money to purchase various items in the game.

One of Mobile Legends’ features is muting. This feature activates when a player performs a prohibited action while playing.

Trolling in the Mobile Legends chat feature will activate muting. So how do you restore mute in Mobile Legends?

How to Restore Mute Mobile Legends (ML)

How to Restore Mute Mobile Legends (ML)

Note that the method to restore muting in Mobile Legends is actually quite simple. Just wait 1*24 hours and the chat feature will be available again.

A player’s muting sanction lasts for 1 day, but can last longer depending on your behavior.

However, if you leave it alone for a day, the mute will disappear on its own the next day.

What causes your account to be muted is making harsh remarks when typing in chat while playing.

So if you say something rude, it’s better to keep the words as short as possible or not say anything rude at all. That way you can avoid being muted.

Above is how to restore Mobile Legends mute you can do. Hopefully it will be useful and fun to play!