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Combo Skill Tigrell Mobile Legends (ML) – Tigreal is a very tough tank hero, and Tigreal’s combo skill focuses on crowd control, which gathers and stops enemy movement.

As a tank hero, Tigrell has many strong sides that make him the best tanker. This hero is full-blooded, with aerial abilities, towing abilities, crowd control, and pretty good maneuverability.

Usually, when playing Tigeral, you use the Flicker battle spell. This is very useful for montages, moving quickly and gathering enemies to make it easier for your team to attack.

This one hero is one of the best in open combat and is very feared when Tigrell gets close to his opponent.

For those who want to play Tigrell’s hero, here are Tigrell’s best combo skills to get the montage in Mobile Legends.

Combo Skill Tigrell Mobile Legends (ML)

Combo Skill Tigrell Mobile Legends (ML)

Gameplay for Tigreal Hero is typically played as a team Wanderer. Playing Tigreal requires constantly opening the map, ganking enemies, and helping Gold his laner or Exp his laner.

You can use the following Tigrell skill combos in-game.

Flicker + Ultimate + Skill 2 + Skill 1

Tigrell’s best combo is a quick attack that can be started by using Flicker towards an enemy and performing an Ultimate, or performing a Flicker after the Ultimate to speed up skill activation.

Then use Skill 2 to push the enemy towards your ally to make it easier to attack, then use Skill 2 twice to give your opponent an aerial effect.

Finally, for extra damage, you can use your first skill to deal damage or slow down.

Conceal + Skill 2 + Ultimate + Skill 1

The second Tigrell skill combo can be performed by utilizing the item’s active skill, Conceal. This skill allows Tigrell to hide and move quickly, making it an option to replace flickering.

Use concealment to move towards your target, then use your second skill to push the target, then use your ultimate, use skill 2 again, and use your first skill for an aerial effect. inflicts additional damage.

Above are the best skill combos for tigrel hero to get montage in mobile legend game. Have a good time!