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Combo Skill Nana Mobile Legend (ML) – Nana’s Hero Combo attack is pretty nasty in Mobile Legends. This her one hero has a morph her skill that can turn an opponent into Molina.

Known as a hero mage with tremendous crowd control ability, Nana turns anyone who approaches her into a restricted Molina with her second skill.

This ability is very good as a counter hero for all opponents, especially fast-moving heroes such as assassins.

Not only that, but you can use Nana’s Ultimate Skill ability to deal massive invisible burst damage to your enemies. Opponents usually lose quickly without knowing it.

Nana’s additional attack is in her first skill, which throws a boomerang at her opponent. This attack isn’t that deadly, but the combination of the three skills makes Nana’s hero a feared hero in Mobile His Legends.

Combo Skill Nana Mobile Legend (ML)

Combo Skill Nana Mobile Legend (ML)

Gameplay Hero Nana is often played as a mid laner, her moves are very agile and this one hero is often a mobile legend with a high KDA.

For those of you who are new to Nana and would like to play Nana’s hero, here are Nana’s combo skills that you can try in Mobile Legends.

Skill 2 + Ultimate + Skill 1 + Flame Shot

Nana’s best combo attack is to use her second skill first and wait for the enemy to get close to become Molina.

Then use your ultimate towards the enemy to deal massive damage. This combo usually kills the person it hits immediately.

If the enemy is still alive, you can use your first skill to hit them or use Frame Shot. This attack will terminate the enemy.

With Nana’s hero, there are less mechanics, so this hero is very playable for everyone, and Nana herself is a good hero for beginners, so there doesn’t seem to be any more skill combos other than the combos above.

Above are the best skill combos for Nana’s hero from Mobile Legends.Stay tuned for other interesting reviews exclusively on!