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Combo Skill Carina Mobile Legends (ML) – Karina’s combo skill attacks are very powerful in mobile legends and can easily take out opponents with a single attack.

Karina is an assassin hero with magical damage abilities, and this one hero is usually played as a core or hyper hero.

Karina’s first skill provides high mobility and immunity to physical damage, while Karina’s second skill uses two weapons to attack the opponent in a circle.

The most deadly is Karina’s ultimate skill, which deals great damage by stabbing opponents. Additionally, this skill resets its cooldown if Karina defeats an enemy.

For those of you who want to try out Karina’s hero, check out Karina’s Deadly Skill Combo Attack in Mobile Legends.

Combo Skill Carina Mobile Legends (ML)

Karina hero gameplay is played quickly by stabbing enemy heroes. As a hyper, Karina must focus on quickly farming and defeating enemy cores his heroes.

Some of Karina’s skill combos you can try are:

Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Ultimate

Admittedly, Karina’s combo skill is pretty simple. Notable is Karina’s hero his mechanics, which relies on great damage.

The first skill can be used to track enemies. Then, if an enemy is nearby, use your second skill to pay them back until you’re at least half health.

To eliminate your opponent, you can use Karina’s Fast Ultimate by pressing twice. This will deal two damage at once, and your opponent will immediately lose.

Ultimate + Skill 2 + Skill 1

If you’re in an ambush or close to your target, you can immediately use your Ultimate Skill, which aims to quickly kill your opponent’s HP.

Your opponent will be confused whether to defend or flee, so you can use your second skill to deal extra damage.

If the enemy flees, use the first skill to track them down, and at the same time, if they fight, gain an immunity effect that negates physical attacks.

Above are Karina’s best and strongest combo skills in Mobile Legends.