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Badang, Chou, Valir Saint Seiya Mobile Legends (ML) Skin Prices – Mobile Legends has a new collaboration with Saint Seiya, offering skins for heroes Badan, Chow, and Valil.

Before the Saint Seiya event kicks off, it would be nice to know how much it costs to get a collab skin.

Saving up ahead of time before the event starts so you can prepare a good budget so you can stay financially on track and avoid having to create a tip wallet at the end of the month.

So here’s pricing information for the Saint Seiya skins, starting with Mobile Legends heroes Badan, Chow, and Valil.

Badan, Chow, Valil Saint Seiya Mobile Legends (MLBB) skin prices

Badang, Chou, Valir Saint Seiya Mobile Legends (ML) Skin Prices

The three Saint Seiya skins, starting with heroes Badan, Chow, and Valil, cost approx. 800 Zodiac Item Tokens or approximately 4000 – 6000 diamondsconverted to rupiah is approximately IDR 1,200,000 – IDR 2,000,000 One of the skins from Saint Seiya.

Still, if you’re lucky with the gacha process, the prices above can be cheaper, as with 10 draws you’ll have the chance to get another Saint Seiya skin.

For example, the first version of Saint Seiya Badan Skin gives you 10x the gacha in-game. This means that if in the first draw he used the 50% discount, the price offered to get it would be around 500 diamonds.

The calculation is as follows: 10 draws will give you about 150-200 Zodiac token items. You can get 800 tokens.

And if you take advantage of the 50% discount that resets daily, even this price is cheaper. So the price to get a Saint Seiya skin is even cheaper.

The above prices are approximate and exclude any 50% discounts and tickets that may be available during the Saint Seiya event.

If you participate in the event period, the price of Saint Seiya skin will be reduced.

The MLBB X Saint Seiya event will take place in two phases of the recharge event. You can take advantage of this event to lower the price of skins.

Each phase of the event will give you approximately 15x Zodiac Tokens, so in addition to earning 30x tokens in the 2-phase event, you can also earn additional tokens by pre-registering or participating in the 10x Seiya training event. increase.

So, participating in the MLBB X Saint Seiya event phase will give you an additional 41 draws, but not enough to bring home the Saint Seiya gold skin. Therefore an additional draw is required.

Check out our latest article on Zodiac Events MLBB X Saint Seiya Tokens to learn more about the Bade of Victory you can win in 41 draws.

The overall price you can spend on one MLBB X Saint Seiya skin is around 1500 diamonds if you participate in the event phase.

Above is information about the prices of Saint Seiya skins for Mobile Legends heroes Badan, Chow and Valil. Hopefully useful and good luck!