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Alucard Mobile Legends Combo Skills (ML) – For those who don’t know hero Alucard, a fighter hybrid assassin hero, this hero has the same combo skill as Mobile Legends’ lifesteal.

Mobile Legends currently has 120 heroes available, each with their own unique abilities, some really meta, some not so meta.

Alucard himself is somewhere in between, and this hero is neither underrated nor Imba. As such, Alucard is considered very balanced to play.

Alucard’s strength lies in his passive abilities that are very powerful and provide high lifesteal, and Alucard’s combo skills aren’t too terrible either.

Below are some of the best Alucard hero skill combos, especially for new players, that you can use in your Mobile Legends matches.

Alucard Mobile Legends Combo Skills (ML)

Alucard Mobile Legends Combo Skills (ML)

Alucard has a first skill that can be used as a mobility, and a second skill is an area and ultimate attack that provides high burst damage and lifesteal.Alucard’s skill combos that can be used are:

Skill 1 + Ultimate + Skill 2 + Ultimate

First, you can track enemies using Skill 1. In this case, Alucard will jump towards the enemy and chase them. Then activate your passive with an ultimate that can mark your opponent.

Alucard has high recovery and lifesteal when his ultimate is active, then uses his second skill to hit opponents. Skill effects give you the mobilization of Alucard that can be used to track down enemies.

Finally, use your ultimate skill again for a wide range attack. This damage can eliminate enemies very quickly.

Ultimate + Skill 2 + Ultimate + Skill 1

It’s not uncommon for Alucard users to first use their ultimates to grant a passive effect. This is used to make Alucard do more damage and withstand attacks.

Then use your second skill to attack your opponent. This combo is usually used when the opponent is close and can use skill 1 when the opponent is far away.

If you then use your ultimate again for the final attack, this attack will do a lot of damage, and you can use Skill 1 to track down your opponent if they run away.

Above are the best and strongest Alucard hero skill combos in Mobile Legends. Stay tuned for interesting reviews only on!