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Toram Online MMORPG Game Android Must Play

For those of you fans of Role Playing Game (RPG) games and are looking for 3D RPG games, then you are not in the wrong room. One of the video games made by Asobimo, entitled Toram Online, has reached more than 7 million downloads, I guarantee it will take up a lot of your time, a must for those of you who are fans of RPG games.

I will review why you should play this one game.

Create Your Own Character

Here Toram Online offers you to create a character of your own accord from hair, hair color, face shape, et al wrapped in anime-like graphics. Toram allows players to be creative in making characters with more than 50 billion character patterns to choose from.

Many Classes You Can Choose

At the beginning of the game, Toram will give you 5 classes that you can choose, namely: sword, bow, staff, knucle and halberd. But Toram stated that this game does not have a class system but players are given to form their character with the existing skill system, for example staff skills combined with knucle, halberd with bow, and many more that you can develop. Interesting right?

Interesting Story And Update

The world that had been destroyed in the past hundreds of years, thus splitting the earth into four as a result of a great catastrophe. The collapse of the world in the hemisphere, made the tribes form groups consisting of four groups.

And you as an adventurer who came to this world on an adventure while meeting people from the four groups. In this shattered world you will be faced with mysterious figures who will become your opponents.

Explore the Vast Map

In addition to undergoing the Main Quest, you can have an adventure exploring the maps in Toram. Toram provides more than 50 maps that you can explore with views that will spoil your eyes.

Notes: There are several maps that you cannot visit before completing the Main Quest on the map first.

Interact With Other Players

You can chat between players, trade and form parties to play together. One of the features provided is the existence of a Guild in this game, which of course will make you more able to interact with the players in Toram. By forming interactions you can ask experienced players for help.

And don’t think that there are no Indonesian players in it, there are so many players from Indonesia, it’s no wonder Asobimo made a server for Indonesia. So don’t be afraid to interact with the players you will meet.

Notes: If you are just about to install the Toram game, I recommend using Indonesian in your cellphone settings because with that you will automatically enter the Indonesian server. If you use English you will be logged into the English server.

Living Life Like In The Real World

Who doesn’t want to be rich, but we know all of that must be earned with hard work, just as in this game the more lazy you are, the more you will not get results. So with this kind of pressure it will lift your spirits to get satisfactory results.

Interesting Events And Updates

Playing games but that’s all will surely make players feel bored quickly. Here Toram always presents interesting events that will certainly relieve your boredom. For example, an event that gives free sharp orbs every time you log in, of course you will continue to log in to collect the sharp orbs and make them as orbs.

The events offered will also bring benefits in the future, for example items that are very easy to get at the time of the event will become very expensive selling points after the event ends because these items are rare items. So never miss the events that are being held, but take advantage of these events.

Promo Item Chest Every Day

For those of you who like to spend money for a game, then you are not wrong to take out your pocket money in this game, because every day there will always be a promo from the item chest that is given. Not only Item Chest, sometimes Toram will give bonus orb promos for players who buy orbs.

Notes: Never get upset if the Item Chest you open doesn’t match your expectations.

Games With RNG System

Random Number Generation or RNG is a program that will generate sequences of numbers or symbols in an irregular manner. Or more simply, it is a game that relies on hockey, so it doesn’t mean that to be a Pro in this game you have to spend a lot of money. As I said above with a lot of money, it’s not certain that you get the chest item you want, there are even players who get rare items only once to open a chest. Not only item chests, almost everything in this game uses the RNG system.
With the RNG system, all players will be equal and fair.

Notes: Pray a lot and don’t forget to take a shower before doing activities in Toram so that you will be blessed.

That’s a little review that I can convey for the Android MMORPG Toram Online game that you must play, there are still many features that I haven’t mentioned above. To find out, just play and feel the sensation of playing Toram Online. ️