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Tips for Playing Toram Online For Beginners

Just starting the Toram Online game and confused what to do first? Let’s see tips and guidelines on how to play Toram Online this time. Toram Online is indeed very difficult to understand for those of you who are new to playing it, especially if it is your first time playing an MMORPG game.

Following Tips for Playing Toram Online For Beginners

Focus on Running Main Quest

First, try to focus first on running the Main Quest for the purpose of getting the exp that you get from the Main Quest because the exp you get from the Main Quest is very large.

Looking for as many friends

Having many friends will benefit you greatly, you will get the information you need to know, you can also ask friends for help to complete the Main Quest. Not only that, if your friend is off and you need his help you can call him as your Mercenary / Bodyguard to help with your work or complete Main Quests.

Choose a friend’s Mercenary with 5k+ power atk to help you get the most

Join a Guild

Should I join a Guild? You don’t have to, if you want to be Kirito then skip this advice. It’s not mandatory to join one of the existing Guilds, but with our Guild it will be more helpful, look for a Guild that has active members and that way your chat will not feel lonely. Here you can also use Guild members to be used as your Mercenaries.

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Focus On One Main Stat

This is very important because it will affect the build that you will make. Never evenly share the stat points that you get from leveling up, try to focus on the main stats that are suggested. For example: you use a staff weapon then focus on filling the int stat to the brim first. For other weapons, please follow the advice given. Or you can ask your Guild members, this is one of the Guild’s functions.

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Level Up To Level 70

Work Hard To Get Spina

Spina is very important for the continuation of the character build that you will make, therefore try to look for spina little by little.