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12 Gamer Mistakes That Can Drop His Name

When you dive into the world of games (online games in particular), you will meet other players and each player has different traits and characters.

When we have trouble and ask players who have been around for a long time, sometimes these players want to help us or are indifferent and just keep quiet like we are not considered by him or even insult us. Imagine if you met a player like, how we who are still new players can develop.

And who do you think is at fault? The player or we ourselves who do not want to find the solution ourselves?

Here, I summarize the mistakes gamers often make and encounter in the game world.

Humiliating New Player

This is very much I encountered, feel longer play the game and demean new players.

Like the example at the beginning, this is a mistake that many gamers make, if you meet players who are having trouble, how hard is it to help them and if you can’t help, just say you can’t, don’t be indifferent and even be insulting.

For those who are indifferent, they can still be forgiven, but if they insult you? Imagine if the new player remembers your nick and spreads it on forums? Your name will be branded badly and it will be difficult to clean it.

Committing Fraud

When you really want to get an item in the game and have tried a way to get it but it doesn’t work and finally tries to commit fraud.

Even though it is already known by many other players, and if you do this one action, your name will not be safe anymore. Wanting to argue like anything will make friends who believe in you will not believe again if it is proven that you have committed fraud.

And the worst thing is that your name can be blacklisted in various forums.

Don’t want to accept other people’s input

Well, this one also really often meets people like this, they are told the truth but don’t want to know.

As a result, the next day no one will want to tell you any information related to the game. And even asking questions may not be answered because people are already annoyed with this kind of nature.

Talk too much

A lot of talk but no results, when doing a party with other players this type of player usually lectures party members a lot and even orders party members but the game he has is not as big as he talks a lot.

Very annoyed with this type of player.

No Interact

Play online games where you will meet people who are connected to each other in the game. But not wanting to interact with other players is weird.

Septemberbe tired of meeting the type of players who talk a lot like in the previous point, so don’t want to interact with other players. This type of player may be the same as the third point, namely not wanting to receive input from other people.

That’s one of the fatal mistakes, when playing solo it will be more difficult and there will be less information. At that time you will be left far behind by other players.


We know if you want to get something big, you have to do it slowly, just like in a game. Because they don’t want to be patient to get something in the game, this type of player can spend all their gold / gems and will eventually fall into poverty.

Feeling Greatest Because of High Level

Having a high level will be viewed favorably by other players, but don’t feel that the world is your own.

Feel great to fight a high level boss alone and eventually will die in vain, a waste of potions and energy. Challenge other players who are equal or below level but lose, and who is embarrassed to try?

Instead of being seen as good but will be seen as bad by others. This type of player is not small, I have encountered many. Know that above the sky there is still a sky.

Using Cheats

This one will have a very severe impact, the account may get banned. Whether it’s for fun or frustration in games, don’t ever use cheats if you’re a true gamer. Try pure and fair to play a game.

Making Fake Essays

This type of player usually wants to get good attention from others so that he makes an incorrect composition.

Long story about rumors in the game but none of it was done by him. And see when you get caught lying, what else do you want to do?


Leecher is a person who does not want to be bothered and look for loopholes to take advantage of others and get the results of other people’s efforts. A leecher will be labeled ugly.

How do you feel when you meet people who just want to have fun and don’t want to try and even take advantage of you? Are you annoyed?

If you meet a player like this in a party, it’s better to just kick it, or it’s better to leave the party and find a new party.


There are many inconsistencies in a person’s game.

For example, when you have a character with a job knight but after seeing another job and want to make that job, the character with a job knight will not be taken care of. It’s also like wanting an item but instead choosing another item and so on.

There you will be no progress in the game.

Trapped By Phishing

More cases of fraud in the form of phishing. Phishing is a fake website designed to resemble an official game website that forces you to enter your ID and password. Usually the phishing method uses free gold / gem frills if you enter your game id and password.

Players who don’t know this usually want to try to enter the web and enter their id and password, as a result the account will be obtained and we won’t know what to do with our account.

Never be tempted by any frills that are not officially released by the game you are playing.

That’s 12 Gamer Mistakes That Can Drop His Name and I have encountered many. What about you? Have you ever met people like the above? Or if you want to add it, add it in the comments column. 😊