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10 FPS Games With Stunning Graphics

Games with the First Person Shooter genre or better known as FPS games are indeed much in demand by gamers. In contrast to the real world where not just anyone can have a firearm, it’s different if you are in the game world, you can shoot blindly to kill the enemy in front of you.

For those of you who want to try shooting, you can try one of the games that I will recommend below, of course, with amazing graphics, it will be an added value to play it.
Here are 10 FPS Games With Stunning Graphics:

1. Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is a fps game that is already quite famous from the previous series. Set in the setting and theme of the first world war and the actions are amazing and brutal. There are many history lessons that we can take from this game. You can see and hear the stories of the many people who took part in wars around the world.

In addition to playing by following the storyline you can play Battlefield 1 in multiplayer with all-out war conditions. Really a very fantasy game and worth playing.

2. Call of Duty: WWII

After receiving a lot of criticism from fans regarding the Call of Duty series which presents the theme of the middle east war and outer space, it is reported that gamers are bored with the latest FPS game because it is too modern and looks unreasonable.

Finally, Call of Duty is back to offer a game with a classic war theme. The latest series Call of Duty: WWII again offers an atmosphere and view on the second world war.


As a legendary and successful game in its era, now DOOM is back with new technological breakthroughs starting from the story, gameplay, and of course comes with the latest graphics.

Like the previous DOOM series, DOOM takes place on the planet Mars. Earth is in a critical condition, encouraging gamers to look for sources of energy to fulfill life, one of which is the UAC laboratory on Mars. It all begins when the chaos created by one of the researchers who made a pact with the devil causes the portals of the underworld and the human world to be connected. You will act as a DOOM Slayer who will stop all the chaos.

4. Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 is the best of the previous series, offering actions to carry out missions that are a little crazy and providing a vast map that you can fully explore. Sliding from the side of the mountain to escape and chase the enemy? It’s not impossible if you play this game.

Tells the story of Ajay Ghale who wants to sow his mother’s ashes in his homeland, Kyrat country. Ajay Ghale was on his way with Pagan Min, a man who claimed to be king and ruling in Kyrat, who at that time attacked Ajay Ghale and Pagan Min brought Ajay Ghale to one of his bases. What will happen to Ajay Ghale next? Let’s play and get the answer.

5. Star Wars Battlefront 2

You already know about the Star Wars movies, right? Yes, the film that tells about wars between galaxies is now also adopting Star Wars into video games. Previously Star Wars released its first fps game series entitled Star Wars Battlefront in 2004.

Now Star Wars brings back the second series of the continuation of the first video game series entitled Star Wars Battlefront 2. Iden Versio, the main character who leads the elite Inferno Squad, has a strong ambition to avenge the death of Death Star II, which was killed by Endor.

6. Destiny 2

For those of you who played the previous series from the Destiny series, now Destiny is back with its newest series, Destiny 2. Like the previous series, Destiny 2 offers the Open World, First Person Shooter (FPS) and Role Playing Game (RPG) genres.

The leader of the Red Legion, Ghaul attacks the city inhabited by humanity and then takes power in human territory. You will take on the role of a hero who will team up with other fellow heroes to fight the Ghaul and regain a home for mankind.

7. Titanfall 2

Played a soldier who fought on the side of the Militia named Jack Cooper. Jack Cooper had a dream to become a reliable pilot to liberate his homeland, but unfortunately that dream never came true.

Jack, who at that time got a role to help fight the IMC stronghold on the planet Typhon, did not expect the pilot to end up dead, and then Jack controlled an Atlas Titan named BT-7274. And this is where Jack Cooper’s adventure begins.

8. Fallout 4

Just like Destiny 2, Fallout 4 offers the RPG genre combined with the FPS system and lots of activities that you will go through. Taking on the post-apocalypstic theme with settings nuclear war. Start as one of a happy husband and wife, and you will be chosen as a potential citizen of Vault 111 who will then be taken to a shelter.

During shelter you will not realize that you have slept for 200 years in that place. The moment when you wake up Boston’s neighborhood falls apart and this is where a new, deadly life begins.

9. Crysis 3

Prophet is the main character in the Crysis 2 series and apparently he still hasn’t realized his final mission in Crysis 2, which is to destroy the power of Alpha Ceph. Currently the Prophet is sleeping in the Cryotube which is kept by CELL which is then freed by Psycho, who is the leader of the rebellion against CELL.

Psycho also asked the Prophet for help to help him in the rebellion, but both of them did not know anything about the existence of Alpha Ceph who is still roaming and hiding on earth.

10. Overwatch

Talking about FPS multiplayer, Overwatch is a very promising game in terms of multiplayer. Has several heroes that you can choose which are divided into 4 categories: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. Each hero will have skills with different abilities.

Those are 10 FPS Games With Stunning Graphics, how about you? Which is your current favourite? Write it in the comments. ️