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Quick Ways to Get Lots of Battle Points in Mobile Legends

Quick Ways to Get Lots of Battle Points in Mobile Legends

The Battle Points (BP) found in the Mobile Legends game have many uses. One of them is buying a new Hero. There are various ways that you can do to multiply Battle Points and all of them will be shared in this article.

If you have just played the Mobile Legends game, the BP that you get the first time is approximately 12000 and from there it is actually very easy to get reach 32000 to be used to buy new heroes.

Here are various ways to get Battle Points quickly:

1. Win in Battle

Simply put, if you often win in battles, then the BP you get will be more. And it’s best not to just try the classic mode, but try it rank mode because the BP you get when you win will be bigger.

In addition, as the rank increases, you can eliminate potentially amateur team pairs from lower ranks where such players cause defeat in battle.

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2. Regularly Open Free Chests and Medal Chests

Free Chests can be obtained every 4 hours, in which there are several items that are ready to be yours including BP which is not classified as much. Meanwhile, Medal Chests require several victories in battle to be unlocked.

In the Medal Chest there are more items than the Free Chest and usually the BP obtained is always above 200. However, Medal Chests need a longer time to be able to open them again.

3. Playing Tutorial

Please press button Prep and then press the menu named Tutorials. For new players, there is usually one unfinished tutorial, namely Jungle. The tutorial has a reward of 5000 BP after you complete it.

4. Claim Daily Login Reward

Every day there are always free gifts given when you enter the game. The prizes vary and sometimes also include BP or Mystery Pack which sometimes includes BP prizes or others.

5. Complete Daily Missions

Daily Missions (Daily Quests) is in the menu under Free Chest. Complete as many missions as possible to receive a maximum of 100 BP per day. This is not a difficult thing because most of it leads to the battle process.

In addition you also have a weekly activity score which can be used to open 2 free chests that give approximately 400 BP to 800 BP.

6. Claiming Achievements

Please go to the menu named Achievements at the bottom and then claim each bonus. Each bonus is a variable EXP and BP. But if you are a new player, then this is where you are likely to get a lot of BP.

7. Always Check for New Messages

Whenever there is a new message that symbolizes the red mark on the message at the top, please take a look right away. Usually these messages carry special rewards like Free BP, and all you need to do is press the button Klaim.

8. Checking Inventory

The Inventory menu is at the bottom right. There you can see all the items that have never been opened. For example, like a trial hero or skin. Some of it can be sold as BP but the price is not too high.

9. Using Double BP Card

Use the Double BP Card every time you get it. This will give you 2x the BP results from all battles. Usually this item will be visible in the Inventory. But there is a limit in using the Double BP Card, where you can only get maximum 1500 BP for battle victory.

10. Playing Lucky Spin

Once every 2 days, play Lucky Spin for free. You have a chance to get 300 BP. In addition, you also have the opportunity to get a new hero from Lucky Spin. It all depends on luck.

11. Keeping Credit Score 100

Once a week you can get approximately 500 BP just to keep your credit score high. The gift can be found in the message. So avoid getting out of battle (AFK) because that’s what causes this gift to not come to you.

12. Follow Every Event

Participate in all available events and complete each mission. Sometimes you can exchange them as Battle Points or Double BP Cards. The missions that need to be completed are relatively simple, for example you only need to share the results after battles, play with friends, and so on.

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The final word

There are many ways that can be done to get Battle Point Mobile Legends. If you can, avoid upgrading or doing unlock against emblems that you don’t use. For new players, as a suggestion, just focus on one/two emblems first to avoid wasting BP.

If you have other ways to get Battle Points for free and fast on Mobile Legends, please share them in the comments.

Hopefully useful and good luck