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How to Move to Advanced Server in Mobile Legends

How to Move to Advanced Server in Mobile Legends

Have you ever seen something different in the Mobile Legends game? For example, different heroes, as well as more modes when compared to the Mobile Legends game on the cellphone you are using. There is a high probability that the person is currently on an Advanced Server.

In the Advanced Server, there is something newer when compared to the standard server. Lets you get updates early and can try heroes that haven’t even been released on standard servers yet. But some people still don’t know how to login on the server.

The fact is that Advanced Server is very interesting, because there are more game modes provided, but one drawback is that there are frequent updates so that data/quota can be sucked in to download the update.

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Requirements to be able to enter the Advanced Server

Of course there are conditions to be able to enter there and not everyone can enter it for different reasons. And it’s not about luck or anything. Junebe this condition is made so that the server remains stable.

The following are the requirements to enter the Advanced Server in Mobile Legends:

  • Level Must be above 20

  • PING less than 30ms

  • Minimum graphics set to Medium

So far, that’s the only requirement that allows you to enter Advanced Server. If the above conditions are not met, of course there will be no button to switch servers. To find out more about these buttons and how to move them, please continue reading.

Tutorial Moving to Advanced Server in Mobile Legends

The purpose of moving does not mean migrating, because it is as if you are going to create a new account on the Advanced Server and start through the title Warrior. But don’t worry, because you can go back to the standard server.

Please refer to the following tutorial to start moving to Advanced Server.

  1. Enter the Mobile Legends game

  2. Go to profile

  3. Press on menu Account settings

  4. The last stage, please press on the button Advanced Server

Advanced Server Button in Mobile Legends

After doing exactly as above, the game will restart and you will be directed to the Advanced Server. Sometimes there will be follow-up updates after switching servers, so it’s a good idea to set up a quota before doing this to keep things running smoothly.

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There are only a few steps to take. To change to a standard server is also the same as above, it’s just that the difference is enough to press the button Kembali ke Server Original in section Account settings.

As a precaution, maybe you can’t enter the Advanced Server due to a full server notification, this is very common. The solution is to try again another time and it will definitely work.

Hopefully useful and good luck