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How to Make Mobile Legends Name Colored

Want to have nick or a unique name on the account mobile legends? like the name ML so colorful. Well, try the method below to make your account colorful.


Today’s technology is not new anymore, in fact we often encounter it in various aspects of life. The possibility of one another between technologies certainly has different benefits. Some are useful for life, such as making work easier, providing entertainment, information or even education.

In use games itself is a tangible manifestation of the existence of technology. As we know games itself has undergone many changes from year to year. Until now what we often see and maybe play is games which exist in smartphone or HP screen.

Mobile Legends

One of games which exist in smartphone is mobile legends. Games this one is multiplayer games made by developer Moontoon that we can play on our cellphones.

Games This one is a bit addictive for many people. This is evident from the many users who are cool to play games This ranges from children to adults. Apart from gameswhich is also very entertaining, events what is presented is also quite interesting to follow and get the coffers of money.

Recently inwepo or maybe you often find someone’s account using nick which is quite interesting and different from nick generally. If we know nick commonly used by user usually white. However, it turns out that we can turn it into colors.

In addition to making it more colorful, you can also add bold, italic and line effects.

Mobile Legends Font Style Code

[b] : Bold Writing
[u] : Underlined
[i] : Crooked

How to Make Mobile Legends Name Colored

1. The first thing you open the browser application in smartphone you. If it’s in the search field, you directly type “rgb color code“. Next, select the color you want to use, the code itself is at the bottom directly copy the code.

How to make Nick Mobile Legends colorful

2. You try first in the bio for the text color, go to mobile legends and tap personal status menu. Adjust the code and format as in the picture, don’t forget copy all.

How to make Nick Mobile Legends Color 2

3. Go to profile again and tap nickname to replace it, paste the code with the format that was created earlier. If it’s too long you can shorten it nickhis. The result is like the image below.

How to Make Nick Mobile Legends Color 3


That’s how to change nick Mobile Legends you become more colorful! How is it not difficult right? Come on, don’t forget share to a friend, so that others can make it too nickname as cool as this.