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8 Best Ling Mobile Legends (ML) Skins

Mobile Legends has released many of the latest updates that are also related to Skin heroes. Then there are also the 8 Best Ling Mobile Legends (ML) Skins, it can be seen from the appearance which is also very cool. Of course, with the appearance of the Skin Hero Ling, it will definitely make you cooler when you are competing.

Especially considering that Hero Ling is indeed an Assassin who is so agile, has several skills that are able to outwit the opponent’s movements. And it will not be too difficult to face the enemy, because it has critical damage that is very deadly.

But you have to really understand Tips for Using Hero Ling in Mobile Legends, especially if as an Assassin fighting enemies is not a big problem. Because there are still some circumstances that are so clear, so that later you can have convenience in using the hero.

Because for the 8 Best Ling Mobile Legends (ML) Skins, you might be able to determine which Skin is cool from here. Showing a skin appearance that is so satisfying, it can even be a dream that we will get someday.

The Best Ling Mobile Legends (ML) Skin

Cyan Finch

The Best Ling Mobile Legends (ML) Skin

This is an Innate Skin that Ling has, Cyan Finch has a theme like Ancient Chinese clothing. Displaying a form of Ling’s clothing that is very simple, and there are various types of Blue Peacock feathers, and clothes that accompany his strength in dealing with enemies are very easy.

This skin also shows Ling’s Crystal Blue Sword, as well as a Glorious gleam from her appearance when she is in battle. According to my Esports, it’s good for default skins, you can look cool even if you only wear skins like this.

Then to have it, it is enough to have Hero Ling which we can get in several ways. Buying it using a Diamond, Battle Points and even Free, players can do it whenever they want.

The best Ling skin in Mobile Legends is Fiery Dance

The Best Ling Mobile Legends (ML) Skin

From what Esports I see, this Skin is not too different from Default, only from the coloring and the existing theme. For example, if you look in detail, it turns out that Fiery Dance has really cool colors for you to use in the game.

It’s just that not everything has changed, because the appearance of this Skin shows the Feathers of the Phoenix Bird. But for the shirt, which is open in the middle, and the orange color which is a little dark when you use it in the match later.

Fiery Dance also has a price of approximately 259 Diamonds, because it includes the Norma Skin in the game. But maybe you will get the Free Version, it can be from the Event or Lucky Spin if it is available.

Street Punk

It’s a Starlight Skin that Ling has, it’s even quite surprising because the new Debut hero update gets a Skin like this. Even as I know Esports, it is reported that Ling is quite popular, so updating a Starlight type Skin like this is for him.

This theme is indeed like a Street Punk, because it can be seen from the name Ling when using this skin. Ling has purple hair with a serious look, then also wears a yellow jacket full of accessories. On the back we will see the Coat of Clans belonging to the Ling.

His Starlight Skin is really quite trendy, even his sword looks much cooler to attack. This skin is available in the Starlight Feature, so if you want to have it, you have to wait until it is released again in the game.

Night Shade

Due to his deserved power to stop the enemy, Ling received his title as Night Shade in the Dragon Tamer Squad. Being one capable of defeating a Dragon with a sword, even Ling’s appearance was cool when using this.

Especially for the Night Shade itself, Ling has a purple horn on his head and a pattern on his face. Then Ling’s clothes are Purple with a strong Dragon Scales, it does have some special parts on this Skin. Ling also has a purple wing, even the color itself is like crystal.

The sword was formed with the power of the Evil dragon, it was purple in color and Ling was able to control it extremely well. This skin also has a price of approximately 899 Diamonds, because it is included in the Epic type or if it is in IDR 300 thousand and above to have it.

The best Ling skin in Mobile Legends is Cosmo Guard

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Ling’s appearance wearing the Cosmo Guard Skin, looks like someone who is quite Modern with his fighting strength. Even Cosmo Guard itself has the same color as White Silver, some decorations on the shoulders and a holographic effect on his clothes.

Even with his appearance like an agent, it makes Ling look really cool with this skin. Moreover, it can be seen from the sword itself, it has a dark blue color, but on the sharp side it has a very bright blue color with an iron handle.

If for example you really want to have this Skin, then use 749 Diamond to buy it now. It’s a really big price, but you will receive a variety of cool Effects when using a Skin like this too.

Serene Plume

The Best Ling Mobile Legends (ML) Skin

Like describing Ling as the Master of Sword users, Serene Plume is a nickname for this kind of skin. Shows that Ling with high charisma, has a very high master royal outfit in Black of course.

Even in animation or when you are stationary, Ling will control several Swords with his Soul. It looks cool, the name is also a Skin Collector that can make you not easily defeated at all.

Only available in the Grand Collection, requires approximately 6000 Dm if you really want to have the skin. It must be very useful and really cool, when you’ve used this in a match.

The Best Ling Mobile Legends Skin is M-World

It’s a skin with the theme 515 M-World Mobile Legends, even my Esports value this Skin is really cool. Because it carries a theme like young people who are so modern, it’s not surprising that many people like this skin.

It even looks like Ling is like a gamer, using strong armor to block enemy damage. And it has its name tag on its back, and a very large sword that has a bright Violet appearance and a very strong glow.

This skin at the beginning of its release entered the Shop at a price of 899 Diamonds, but became limited after the event ended. That’s why you might last see a Skin from M-World in the Shop, then it will appear in more expensive paid events.


The Best Ling Mobile Legends (ML) Skin

One of the Mobile Legends x Kung Fu Panda Collaborations, Shen is the Antagonist character from the Second Movie. Even Shen himself will be present as Ling’s Skin, but it’s only in the form of Cosplay or Human version that will be released.

But the Shen element itself still appears in this Skin, that’s why it won’t be too ordinary when you use it. Shen himself is a Peacock type of Poultry Animal, but many say that he is a Chicken.

Then Shen himself is a Swordsman and every feather is a Sword with sharp edges. That’s why it’s suitable to be present with Ling, as a skin that is also white in color and has a form of fur on every part of the skin. This is only present at the Kung fu Panda Draw Event, which means it’s clearly a limited item.

Because you already know the 8 Best Ling Mobile Legends (ML) Skins, you won’t be confused anymore to determine which Skin is suitable for him. As Skin Ling, which has quite a variety of shapes and types, those of you who like to use the Hero may be interested too.

Also understand the Hero Combo Ling in Mobile Legends, so that later you can play more easily. Because it’s not as easy as we think using it, but for example using Combo hero it will be even easier to use it.