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10 Hero Counter Balmond Mobile Legends (ML)

Balmond is one of the hybrid fighter tank heroes in Mobile Legends who gets a buff from Moonton which makes him even stronger than before. Balmond himself became one of the under-rated heroes before getting a buff and not many players play Balmond, this is Hero Counter Balmond Mobile Legends (ML)!

Balmond himself is starting to return to meta and was widely used by Mobile Legends players when RRQ R7 used it in the last MPL Invitational tournament against EVOS Esports and in the final against RSG. The slick performance of R7 makes Mobile Legends players start to follow using the Balmond hero again. We will discuss these 5 Counter Balmond Mobile Legends heroes here.

Balmond is a very deadly hero. You can use it as a tanker or fighter in offlane, of course it is very strong. But calm down because there are several counters that you can use.

Effectively used, you can use this counter hero against Balmond. Summarized by us, my Esports, so you don’t get confused anymore.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of 5 Hero Counter Balmond Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know who are the heroes who can counter Balmond in Mobile Legends, let’s just look at the full explanation below properly and correctly!

List of Hero Counter Balmond Mobile Legends (ML)

Here, we have summarized 10 heroes who can be counter Balmond in Mobile Legends that you really need to know.


5 Hero Counter Balmond Mobile Legends,

Sun is a natural counter for Balmond’s hero because this hero can make many clones of himself using his ultimate skill. In terms of damage alone, Balmond will be overwhelmed by it and is also quite difficult to find out the real Sun. Sun’s damage and durability are also strong enough to defeat Balmond.


Baxia has the skill to stop his enemy’s HP Regen effect. When using skill two and the ultimate skill, the enemy will be affected where they cannot regenerate their HP. The activation of this effect is indicated by the presence of a logo like a broken heart on top of the enemy hero affected by the skill from Baxia.


Build Items Mobile Legends Esmeralda

Esmeralda is the best Balmond Mobile Legends (ML) counter that easily beats her. This hero has the ability to steal the opponent’s shield and use it as an additional HP. With this skill Esmeralda can fight balmond easily, besides the damage generated from Esmeralda itself is also quite large.

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Khufra can also be used to counter Balmond where he can use his Crowd Control skill to interfere with Balmond’s movements. Khufra is a tank hero that can be used to counter Balmond’s hero in Mobile Legends. This is because almost all of these hero skills are cc skills that can trouble the opponent.


How to Counter Ultimate Kaja in Mobile Legends!

Kaja can use her ultimate skill to counter hero Balmond ML. When Balmond uses his ultimate skill, it can be canceled using his ultimate skill. Kaja is also one of the heroes in Mobile Legends who can counter many heroes in Mobile Legends.

Yu Zhong

What is Offlaner Mobile Legends (ML)

The next Balmdon counter hero is Yu Zhung, these two heroes are strong offlaners, but if one by one between the two, it is clear that Yu Zhong is superior to Balmond’s hero.

Both of them are heroes with very high regen abilities, Yu Zhong can be a Balmond counter hero because these two heroes have the ability to penetrate armor easily, a very high lifesteal was also won by Yu Zhong.


Chou is the best Balmond Mobile Legends (ML) counter hero that you can use, this one hero has a very strong ability as an initiator. You can use Chou’s hero to defeat Balmond in a gameplay.

To defeat the hero Balmond can be done very easily, for your own way you can do it by attacking Balmond and then doing the ultimate attack by locking Balmond or ganking him towards the turret and your companions.


For the counter hero Balmond Mobile Legends, you can also use the Moskov hero as a counter, this is because Balmond is a hero with a close attack range so you can attack Moskov’s hero easily.

Moreover, when Balmond attacks you can use basic attacks with a close attack range so that it is easy to be attacked by Moskov, then you can dodge with Moskov’s first skill if Balmond attacks.


Alucard is also one of the best Balmond Mobile Legends counter heroes that you can use, because this one hero has great damage as well as very strong lifesteal, you can beat Balmond very easily in a lane.

Balmond himself is considered to be one of the heroes who does have quite a lot of hero counters, almost all tank and marksman heroes are able to beat Balmond very easily in a match.


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Finally, Counter Balmond Mobile Legends (ML) is Dyrroth which is one of the best heroes that you can use for counter heroes Balmond Mobile Legends. Dyrroth’s ability is able to reduce the opponent’s Physical Defense ability which is very suitable for defeating the hero.

Balmond will be very easily defeated by Dyrroth either one on one or ganking, especially Dyrroth’s own ability to have very painful damage and is able to provide great damage to defeat Balmond very easily.

So that’s the explanation of the 5 Hero Counter Balmond that we have explained. Hopefully useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Read the explanation above so you can find out what heroes can be used to counter Balmond!

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