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Z4pnu Complete Clarification About Underestimating the Indonesian Team, Misunderstanding!

This is Z4pnu’s Complete Clarification of Underestimating the Indonesian Team, Misunderstanding!

Some time ago the Indonesian Mobile Legends community was quite shocked by the words of a veteran player from the Philippines. Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso.

The reason is, through an interview with MPL PH casters, he openly underestimated Mobile Legends teams from Indonesia.

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In his statement, he explained that there was no need to scare the team from Indonesia because when facing scrim even the amateur team from the Philippines managed to beat the team from Indonesia.

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Z4pnu Clarifies

Photo via Spectator PH

After his statement went viral in Indonesia, this of course made Z4pnu a topic of discussion in the Philippines as well.

Until finally, he himself immediately clarified his statement which went viral some time ago.

Which I said yesterday because Dogie said Blacklist can’t be champion. So they can’t beat the Indonesian team because it’s based on their scrim. Dogie says they always lose.” said Z4pnu as quoted from RevivaLTV

In addition, he also revealed that his statement was for Dogie and not for the Mobile Legends community in Indonesia.

So what I say is to answer Dogie, not for you (Indonesian). I don’t know how you guys will react to Dogie, nor do I know if that’s not what Dogie said or not. So let’s see who is the strongest later, the Philippines or Indonesia?” he added.

Seeing the rivalry that is always hot, it is certainly interesting to see teams from Indonesia show off when they face teams from the Philippines.

So, that’s a complete explanation about Z4pnu which the Indonesian Mobile Legends team underestimated.

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