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Yellow Diamond Functions in Mobile Legends & How to Get 2022

Yellow Diamond Function in Mobile Legends – In one of the latest events in Mobile Legends, Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends has presented an item called Diamond Kuning aka Diamond Promo.

Of course, many fans of the Mobile Legends game already know what the function of the yellow diamond is, but its use is the same as a regular diamond, but the yellow diamond is only limited to a few events.

The Yellow Diamond Promo is presented to celebrate the 11.11 Mega Sale in Mobile Legends. Not only diamond promos, Moonton also shares various things that attract the attention of its players, namely free skins and discounted skin prices.

Now on this occasion Ulingame will share an explanation of the yellow diamond function, how to get and use it in Mobile Legends. For fans of MOBA games who like freebies, you can check out some of the discussions below.

What is the function of the Yellow Diamond ML

What is Yellow Diamond in Mobile Legends

The yellow diamond is one of the two diamonds in the Mobile Legends game. Most ML players only know one diamond, namely the blue diamond. Usually yellow diamonds will be present at an 11.11 Mega Sale event organized by Moonton.

To get a yellow diamond is quite easy. However, in order to get the yellow diamond, many players have to follow some of the terms and conditions that Moonton has provided.

Mobile Legends Yellow Diamond Function

Mobile Legends Yellow Diamond Function 1

The function of the ML yellow diamond is almost the same as the regular blue diamond. Where the yellow diamond function or how to use it is to buy items, such as skins, emotes, heroes, recalls and others. However, the use of yellow diamonds will only be present in certain events.

You could say the ML yellow diamond is the same as a discount coupon. Where if the player has 200 yellow diamonds, then you can get a 300 DM discount on ML items. If the normal skin price is 899 DM, then you can buy using the blue DM for 599 DM only.

Of course you have a yellow diamond, players will be more efficient in using blue diamonds or more efficient in spending money to top up. For example, the last yellow diamond event was present when Moonton released the STUN skin, you can buy several available skins at low prices, and you can buy only 1 blue diamond.

How to Get Yellow Diamond

How to Get Yellow Diamond Ml

Good news for Mobile Legends players, you can choose several ways to get yellow diamonds. Players can take part in the Crazy Sales Event, Draw Hero Benedetta, Mille Crepe and the 11.11 Mega Sale Shopping Carnival. To find out more clearly about how to get a yellow diamond, see the review below.

So, here are some events that you can participate in in order to get diamonds as follows.

  1. Crazy Sales Events
  2. Mille Creepe Mobile Legends Event
  3. Event Mission Draw Hero Benedetta
  4. Diamond Mobile Legends Promo Event
  5. Event 11.11 Mega Sale Shopping Carnival

In some of the events above, you have to do or complete the available missions in order to get yellow diamonds. In addition to the events above, it is also possible that in the future Moonton as a Mobile Legends developer will present other events that contain yellow diamond prizes.

The final word

Maybe that’s all Ulingame’s discussion about the function and explanation of the yellow diamond and how to get it so you can buy items such as skins, emotes, recalls, heroes and others at low prices. Hopefully, the information above can be useful, especially for Mobile Legends players who are still confused about the function of the yellow diamond.