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Wild Rift Rating Drops on Play Store, MLBB Players Give One Star Rating – The gaming industry was shocked by Riot’s lawsuit against Moonton a few days ago. League of Legends: Wild Rift is now flooding with one-star ratings on the Play Store.

Please note, Riot Games sued Moonton in a US court on May 9 alleging that the developer took the company’s intellectual property.

Moonton has updated MLBB to copy extensive elements from Wild Rift, continuing its cycle of seizing Riot Games intellectual property rights,” reads a statement from Riot Games.

There are at least 101 points of accusation leveled by Riot Games against Moonton. Some of the things discussed include marketing materials, hero designs, skins, content, and certain in-game events.

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Team monitoring HiTechno on Thursday (12/05/2022), the Wild Rift game rating dropped significantly to 2.6. Even though when this game first launched on Android in October 2022, the rating was in the range of 3.8 to 4.0.

League of Legends Wild Rift game is bombarded with one star.  (Play Store)
League of Legends Wild Rift game is bombarded with one star. (Play Store)

Rating 2.6 is certainly bad enough out of five stars available on Google Play. So far, there are 1.9 million players who have rated and reviewed the Wild Rift game on the Google Play Store.

Some of them gave an objective assessment and complained about problems in the game such as network bugs, matchmaking, and fps drop issues. Even so, the latest assessment was actually given by Mobile Legends players.

They alluded to the issue of Riot Games demanding Moonton regarding the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game.

Players who gave a one-star rating were almost twice as much as those who gave a five-star rating. Some of the one-star ratingers also pinned scathing comments on Riot Games.

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Are you sure you want to hit MLBB? ML game hard decks! c*k lonely game,” said Na**a Pra**ma.

Wild Rift floods one star rating.  (Play Store)
Wild Rift floods one star rating. (Play Store)

Game t*l*l, not clear. Where to accuse Mobile Legends of plagiarism again,” commented Ad**a Ri**i.

You die a two star. Pretending to want to delete MLBB…wkwkw. Face it, Epic player.. bahaha,” said Sen**sa.

In comparison, other MOBA games such as AOV have a rating of 4.0, Mobile Legends 4.0, Onmyoji Arena 4.4, and Lokapala 3.8.

The two-point rating from Wild Rift earned the game an unfavorable reputation on Google Play. Riot Games previously accused Moonton of imitating various characters and events in LoL and Wild Rift.

Riot Games alleges that Moonton took their intellectual property rights.  (Riot Games lawsuit document)
Riot Games alleges that Moonton took their intellectual property rights. (Riot Games lawsuit document)

Many characters and artwork have been copied by Moonton. For example, Riot’s champion, Zac, which was released for LoL in 2013 is very similar to Moonton’s Gloo hero which launched in 2022 for MLBB. Both feature the same magenta, purple, and black color scheme, distinctive clawed hands, and similar body shapes. These two characters also share a similar way of walking, attacks, attributes, and skills in the game,” said Riot Games in an official statement.

Not only in court, the Riot Games vs Moonton feud apparently spread to Mobile Legends and Wild Rift players. Until this article was written, there are still many Mobile Legends players who give a one-star rating to Wild Rift on the Play Store.