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What is Close Combat PUBG Mobile 2022: How & Pros

What is Close Combat PUBG – There are many battles in the PUBG Mobile game, one of which is close combat or close combat mode. This time Ulingame will discuss what close combat PUBG is.

The players are improving all the time and spend a lot of time practicing PUBG Mobile. Because players want to try to defeat the enemy easily using a good close combat method or improve their abilities while playing.

One way to overthrow the opponent is the movement when dealing with the enemy. But it is quite difficult because it requires a lot of practice to be more fluent.

But don’t worry because Ulingame will tell you what close combat is and tips for winning this close combat so you can get a Chicken Dinner.

What is Close Combat PUBG

Close Combat is the name in the battle royal game to determine the fight at close range. Battles in the close combat area require players to play quite smart, agile, agile.

Of course, to do this requires really mature skills so that players can win close combat battles. In the following, Ulingame will provide some tips for close combat as follows.

PUBG Close Combat Tips

What are some tips to do when facing close enemies? For more details, Ulingame will provide some tips for close combat combat below.

1. Use SMG Weapons


Close combat of course requires the right weapon, of course, a weapon that can be used at close range.

Of course, you can use various melee weapons and Ulingame recommends using the SMG Uzi weapon.

Besides Uzi, players can also use various other weapons, such as UMP, Shotguns S12, AR AKM, AR M416 and many others.

2. Playing With 4 Fingers

4 Fingers What is Close Combat PUBG

Of course this can be said to be quite mandatory for PUBG Mobile players, by playing with 4 fingers you can play PUBG Mobile more flexibly and deftly when reflecting.

Surely players will find it easier SHOOT WHILE MOVING zigzag and 4 FINGER SETTINGS of course will make the enemy confused.

3. Jiggle Movement

Jiggle Movement 1 What is Close Combat PUBG

The third PUBG Close Combat tip is jiggle movement. What is a jiggle movement? movement to the right and left regularly or you can say zigzag. This trick is very popular and many players have used it when the opponent is approaching and is very useful for close combat attacks.

4. Shooting Without Scope

No Scope

When doing battle, you should avoid using the scope. That’s because when using the scope, the opponent is jiggle, so you will have difficulty and slow response.

It would be nice, just shoot straight away or Hip Fire. Maybe without using the Scope, many PUBG players find it difficult because it is difficult to control.

The solution is to place the crosshair correctly so that the shot can be right on target.

5. Utilize Compound

Utilizing Compound What is Close Combat PUBG

Close combat, of course, must take advantage of various existing protections such as buildings, rocks, houses, buildings and many others.

In addition, if the situation is not possible, for example, you are outnumbered by your opponent, it’s better to run away so you don’t experience a tosoon or die.

6. Fast Response

All of the tips above will be even more mature if it is equipped with a fast and good response to enemy movements. SENSITIVITY comfortable is also very influential on the good reflex.

The final word

From the above review, I hope this article can help PUBG players to understand what close combat is that can be used when doing close combat. Don’t forget to always follow because there will be the latest information for sure about online games and other tutorials. Thank you for visiting and listening to what close combat is.