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Title Kriss 3 Deadliest Point Blank Slot & Auto Headshot 2022

Title Kriss 3 Slot – Gamers must be familiar with the online game with the famous FPS genre, namely Point Blank or better known as PB. The game was released in 2008 and every Wednesday Point Blank performs system updates or maintenance for the better.

Surely many Troopers are looking for the deadliest Title Kriss 3 Slot. Now on this very good opportunity Ulingame will provide information about the Point Blank game, namely the Kriss 3 Slot Title that you can try to use when doing WAR Clan or SPAR.

As you know, if you want to play the Point Blank game. Players need the best choice of Title Kriss 3 Slots. Because in the Point Blank game, the title is very important to shoot steadily and the resulting bullets are very painful.

Well, for the troopers who haven’t gotten the best Title 3 slot yet. You can try several choices of the deadliest Kriss 3 Title slots that Ulingame has prepared below.

What is Title PB

There is one important factor that players need to know before playing Point Blank, namely by using the correct Title feature, it will make the playing style more leverage and can issue very deadly bullets. Of course, when compared to not using a title, it will certainly be different in terms of movement, recoil and damage.

Players can try in Death Match mode without using Title and differentiate when using Title. For the rank or tier Major+ without using Title, will feel a big difference.

You can actually set Kriss SV or Batik titles according to the convenience of the players. However, if you feel that it doesn’t match the Title Kriss 3 slot you are using. Troopers can try some of the deadliest Keriss 3 Slot Title choices that Ulingame has summarized below.

Title Kriss 3 Deadliest Slots

Kriss weapon in Point Blank is known as the deadliest weapon because it has very sharp accuracy, fast bullets and can be used Single Kriss or Dual Kriss. No wonder many players make Kriss their favorite weapon in PB. Following this, Ulingame has prepared several lists of Keriss 3 Slot Titles that you can use below.

Title 3 Slot By EVR F1re

Title F1re

The first Kriss 3 Slot title that you can try is the Title of the World Champion who has the title as the Best Rusher in the World, Endeavor F1re. Now you can use the Title 3 Slot Hery F1re below.

Detail Info Title TOP ASSAIL

  • Stats: Enchance RPM Lv 1
  • Stats: Reduced Weapon Control Lv 1

Detail Info of Title Sniper Private

  • Stats: Piercing Rate Lv 1

Title Details Specialist Trooper

  • Stats: Moving Agility Level 2
  • Stats: Reduced Falldown Damage Lv1

Title 3 Slot By EPiC Magic

Title Magic

Surely you are already familiar with the nickname EPiC Magic in the Point Blank game. Magic alias Seno Muhammad Gudiarto is the best Rusher in the world on the EPiC team who won the World Championship in the 2022 PBWC tournament.

Super Explosin Title Detail Info

  • Stats: Officer Longer Range Of Throwing Weapon Lv 1 Larger Range Of Blow Lv 1

Detail Info of Title Shot Commander

  • Stats: Enhance RPM Control Lv 2
  • Stats: Reduces Slower Movement Speed ​​Lv 1

Title Details Specialist Trooper

  • Stats: Moving Agility Level 2
  • Stats: Reduced Falldown Damage Lv1

Title 3 Slot By Cahwiguna

Title Cahwiguna

In addition to the two pro players above, Ulingame has also provided the following Title Kriss 3 Slot Cahwiguna.

Rowdy Beast’s Detail Info

  • Stats: Reduce Long-range Damage Lv 4
  • Stats: Reduced Long-Range Damage Lv 4

Detail Info of Title Assail Private

Title Details Specialist Trooper

  • Stats: Moving Agility Level 2
  • Stats: Reduced Falldown Damage Lv1

Tips & Tricks Using Kriss

After knowing some of the Kriss 3 Slot Title options above, you need to know the Tips and Tricks on how to use Kriss weapons correctly below.

  1. Must be good at listening to Step Opponents.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. If the opponent is in the middle or far distance, try when shooting 2x Tapping. (Do not press continuously).
  4. Must know the enemy’s position anywhere (memorize the opponent’s spot).
  5. Crosshair placement must be precise.
  6. Must be confident when being a rusher.
  7. When you become a Rusher you have to be careful with C5 and Spam Bombs.

Kris’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kriss Title Kriss 3 Slot

Kriss deserves to be said as the deadliest weapon in Point Blank. Although Kriss weapons are included in the list of the sickest weapons, Kriss also has advantages and disadvantages. Then what are the advantages and disadvantages of Kriss weapons? Please see the following summary.


  1. Has the Dual Kriss feature.
  2. Close to medium accuracy is effective.
  3. Firing Speed ​​Fast and Agile.


  1. Ineffective for long range combat and reduced damage (standard SMG type).
  2. If you use Dual Kriss for long range combat, the bullets will scatter.

The final word

So much information from Ulingame about the deadly combination of Title Kriss 3 slots in the Point Blank game, in the previous article Ulingame has also summarized the article TITLE AUG 3 SLOTS, SHOTGUNS 3 SLOTS, HOW TO DOWNLOAD PB and much more information about other online and offline games. Hopefully the above summary can help Point Blank players find the best Kriss Title.