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Tissa Biani admits that she met Nur 'KKN in the Dancer Village'

The beautiful actress Tissa Biani admitted that she had met the original version of Nur, who was famous for the KKN film in Penari Village. Suddenly, his statement also stunned netizens.

Tissa Biani is an actor, model, and singer from Indonesia, who made her debut in the film Land of Heaven… She said in 2012. After that, he was trusted to star in a number of soap operas and web series, such as Aisha’s Diary, Cinta Fitri, and 7 Days Before 17 Years.

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Most recently, he also starred in an original Indonesian horror film entitled KKN di Desa Penari, which was just released on May 30, 2022. Thanks to her charming acting, Tissa Biani has also received a lot of praise from netizens and film observers.

Tissa Biani Claims to Have Met with Nur Asi ‘KKN in the Dancing Village’

Through Maia ALELDUL TV’s YouTube channel, Dul Jaelani had time to ask Tissa Biani about her experience while filming KKN in the Dancing Village. Then, Dul also asked Tissa, “Have you ever talked to Nur?,”

Tissa also answered, “Never,”

Out of curiosity, Dul again asked Tissa about the authenticity of the character. Of course, Tissa Biani replied if it was true.

“Original means?” asked Dul.

“Originally, I just can’t be named. There’s someone here,” Tissa answered while pointing to a room. It didn’t take long, this statement from Tissa Biani became a hot topic of discussion in a number of media.

From this conversation, it is certain that the horror thread shared by a Twitter account called Simple Man in 2022 is true.

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It is known, at that time Simple Man shared threads from two different versions, the first was Widya’s version and the second was Nur’s version. For Nur’s version, you can see the story here ya guys.