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Tips for Auto Win Main Trio Rank in Mobile Legends, Note Guys

The following are auto win tips for playing three, aka trio rank in Mobile Legends, take note, guys, for those of you ranked fighters who don’t play full team.

There are some Mobile Legends players who prefer to play in threes rather than a full team when ranking. This is done in order to have a big enough chance of winning.

But playing the three of them is also not as smooth as you imagine, there must be some pebbles that prevent your rank from rising.

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Regarding that, SPIN Esports has some auto win tips when you play trio rank in Mobile Legends, what are they?

Compact in the Mid of All

trio rank
source: Mobile Legends

The first tip is to play compactly in the mids, with the following division of roles, namely jungler, midlane and tanker.

The good thing about playing three in the mid is that your communication is smooth, you can rotate anywhere compactly, attack or defend compactly and so on.

Take Role Core

Paquito Jungler
source: Mobile Legends

If the three of you have played all the mids but still lose because the core or side is not good. Then the best solution is that you three or two of you play the core.

You can take part in jungler, goldlaner or explaner. But it’s better to just take part in jungler and goldlaner, one of your friends must take a tank, so that communication is smooth when you want to open war.

Those are some tips that you can do if you want to auto win when playing trio rank in Mobile Legends.

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