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This New Free Fire Anti Cheat Feature Will Overwhelm Hackers

We know that the game Free Fire is a game based on battle royale much-loved circles gamer. However, the large amount hacker or cheater able to make the game unsportsmanlike and less fun. Various ways are being taken by Garena, one of which is by presenting features anti-cheat Free Fire the latest that can be made hacker may be overwhelmed, because this feature has successfully banned more than 2.6 million accounts hacker nor cheater you knowbro!

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Feature anti cheat what the hell that Garena gave for this game? Let’s just talk about it together!

About Free Fire’s Anti Cheat Features

Anti Cheat Free Fire
Cheaters shot by normal players protected by anti-cheat Cloaking (Source: FreeFireMania)

Previously, Free Fire known to be very strict with player who uses the features hack and cheats in games. These strict rules are followed by games that are fair also banned accounts that use these two cheat features. Currently, Garena has a program anti-hack where to make player normal (purely don’t use hack and cheats) invisible aliases are not visible.

Feature invisible it’s called Cloakingthat is Free Fire anti-cheat which makes the player invisible to the cheater. This is quite important, as it is also used in CODM so that cheaters can’t see enemies during the game. good character, weapons, even the voices of other players won’t be heard by the cheater the.

Free Fire Anti Cheat
The Cloaking feature can protect normal players from cheaters (Source: FreeFireMania)

Previously, in order to avoid users cheats and hackers, Garena develops cheat engine which monitors every activity of the players in the game. This feature will also be used by developer for the results of the report on the number of accountsbanned weekly divided by account Official Free Fire. Besides that, Free Fire anti-cheat It is hoped that this will help detect the hacker also cheater.

Many hacker which uses third-party software in games. As a result, it’s hard for the other players to know player cheat. This time, the players can make this as an arena for “revenge” to eradicate the hackers. another addition, hacker it can’t see you because it’s protected by anti cheatand you can eradicate them without fear of backlash.

Feature Free Fire anti-cheat likely to be present in updates updated on May 25, 2022 on Android as well as iOS platforms.

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