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This Marksman Hero Will Be Revamped, No Longer Using Mana!

This Marksman Hero Will Be Revamped, No Longer Using Mana!

One old Marksman hero seems to be being watched by Mobile Legends. seeing that this hero has not been included in the meta lately, therefore Moonton took a serious step by changing this hero.

It’s called a revamp because the changes are quite big according to SPIN Esports. Mana is used by many heroes as a source of energy for skills. Mana is limited and usually will be difficult to increase when it runs out.

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This Marksman Hero Will Use Energy

And this Marksman hero will no longer use mana but energy (similar to Fanny, Ling and Hayabusa).

The advantage of energy is that it can be full quickly even though it is often used, especially if the source of energy increase is easy.

So that you don’t get confused, just check the video that SPIN Esports provides below.

The hero is Irithel, and this is Irithel’s changes in the new advanced server patch.

  • Irithel’s skill no longer uses Mana, she uses energy that will continue to be filled when she moves
  • When his energy is full he will fire an additional basic attack


  • The number of arrows per basic attack decreased from 3 to 2
  • Arrow damage increased from 35% to 55%
  • After moving a certain distance Irithel will fire dua additional normal arrows in lieu of one arrow that is strengthened in the next basic attack


  • Damage changed from 135 + 65 – 85% Physical attack to 120 +60 – 80% Physical Attack

It looks like some of his damage in nerfs like Ultimate and additional arrows, but seeing how he uses energy, of course you don’t have to worry about mana shortages when in the laning phase. He just needs to walk so that his energy is full again and that’s what Irithel did when he was in the Land of Dawn, he didn’t stop moving and dealing damage easily.

What do you think about this change? Will Irithel be an OP hero after the latest update later?

But of course this is still on the advanced server, we’ll see if this will all be applied or there will be changes later. Wait for further news, Spinners.

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