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This is the Secret to Playing Beatrix A la RRQ Skylar, Can Make You Auto Aim!

This is the Secret to Playing Beatrix A la RRQ Skylar, Can Make You Auto Aim!

It is undeniable that Beatrix is ​​one of the Mobile Legends heroes which is quite troubling at the moment in Mobile Legends.

Unfortunately, not all players can maximize the hero so special flying hours are needed to use it.

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Interestingly, one of the players who is quite famous for using Beatrix, namely Schevenko “Skylar” Tendean, leaked a secret in playing Beatrix in Land of Dawn.

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Photo via Jonathan Liandi

Playing Beatrix is ​​certainly not as easy as one might think because it requires you to use the hero correctly.

One of them is when using which Sniper mode? reload what it takes tends to be long but has very lethal damage.

To play this mode, interestingly RRQ Skylar leaked a special secret to be able to make you like auto aim.

“I’m just spamming, so it’s like 1 match, you have to play sniper and just force it. Even if you lose in the rank it’s okay, the important thing is that you learn,” said the mainstay goldlaner RRQ Hoshi.

This is certainly not surprising, considering that to play Beatrix itself, it takes a fairly high flight time so that you can maximize the hero well.

So that’s an important secret in playing Beatrix in Mobile Legends a la RRQ Skylar which is certainly worth emulating.

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